Thursday, July 30, 2009

Totally Unrelated to Anything!

This has absolutely nothing to do with anything, but I totally suck at building things! But creating this neighborhood seems to have brought out the designer in me! I present to you: The Bayside Cafe
The Bayside Cafe is built right across the street from the bay. It has a gorgeous view. The inside only consists of restrooms, the kitchen, and the hostess station.
There is only outdoor seating available, but with a view as gorgeous as this one, no one will want to sit inside anyway!

And finally, the view of the bay. It all turned out so much better than I thought it would........what do you think?
*I also figured out how to post bigger pictures......excellent!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On My Own

Rotation 1 - November 2020

Fabio and Gabriella are 28, Angelo is 14
Narrated by Fabio DeLorne

So yea, my name is Fabio. Ridiculous, isn't it? My dad is a well-known actor in SimCity and he and my mom thought that Fabio was a cute name........yeah. Whenever someone hears my last name, they automatically think of Dean DeLorne and I hate that. I want to be judged on my own talent not my dad's. Especially not after what he did........
Me and my wife Gabriella and our son Angelo moved to Crystal Bay a few months ago. It's been going pretty good so far. Gabriella has gotten work as a nurse at a local hospital and Angelo is doing pretty well in school. I'm doing comedy in a club. It's a lame gig, but it's a start. Crystal Bay is a good place to start building a name for myself, without the stigma of the DeLorne title.
Gabriella is just as beautiful as she is intelligent. Alot of people underestimate her based on her beauty, but that is always a mistake on their part. She can definitely hold her own. She's a bit snooty sometimes which can sometimes lead to problems. She even had a run in with the wife of a local farmer. Sometimes, she doesn't think before she speaks!
Despite all that, she has an excellent bedside manner and she is quickly working her way up through the ranks. She is definitely giving a new dimension to the DeLorne name. Most of my family ended up in showbiz. Angelo is a very bright boy and we have pretty high hopes for him. He is a very ambitious young man, albeit a bit too much sometimes. He starts on something with so much gusto that he forgets everything else.
He also is beginning to take an interest in girls. That's not really a bad thing, but I don't want him acting like his grandfather. After 40 years of marriage, my dad ran off with a woman about my age. Just left my mom like it was nothing. It's another reason why we decided to move. The scandel was just too much!
Gabriella helps Angelo with his homework. He and I bump heads whenever I try to help him. He listens to what she says, but he questions me. I've been through high school so I know what I'm doing! But he is such a know-it-all!!!
But this is a good opportunity for us. I'm happy to be away from all of that drama! And where ever Gabriella and Angelo are, that's where I'll be! I love my family!
*Fabio is a pretty moody sim. He stands with his arms crossed alot with a look on his face like he's mad at the world! When I was coming up with the back stories of how everyone ended up in Crystal Bay, his came to me after watching his behavior......he's such a brooding sim!

Good Times

Rotation 1 - October 2020

Janet is 24

Crystal Bay. It's a bit small for my liking but maybe that's a good thing. Maybe I need to calm down a bit.......nah! I love living my life the way I do! It's great! I'm sure I can shake up some trouble and have a lot of fun doing it!
I am FAR from being a rich sim, but when you're beautiful, you can get people to buy things for you! I'm renting a nice two-bedroom apartment right now, but I have my eye on one of those cute little houses next to the water! I didn't do much in the way of decorating because I am in desperate need of new clothes! If I'm going to find a cute guy to spend some time with, I'm going to have to look fierce!
People always think, "Oh Janet must have been really hurt by a man to be so cold." I find this to be laughable! Nothing is farther from the truth! Men are always nice to me, no matter how many times I break their heart. There's really no reason for it other than I see no reason to keep them around once I no longer have use for them. Or if I find a better model! I'm 24 years old! I don't need to be tied down nor do I want to. Not now, maybe not ever!
Crystal Bay is a really cute, expanding city with alot of potential. They have some cute, quaint little shops and it seems to be growing all the time. I'm sure it won't have much of a nightlife, at least not yet! I plan to help change all that though!
After doing some much needed clothes shopping, I stopped into the Hanging Gardens Restaurant & Spa for a little rest and relaxation! A girl has to pamper herself every now and then!
The Hanging Gardens is actually a very beautiful place. I have a feeling that I will be spending quite a bit of time here. I haven't seen many guys around here, that could be a bit of a problem! Gotta have companionship!
I guess I should clarify one thing. I'm not a prostitute! I guess that "men buying me nice things" comment can be taken that way. But rest assured, I'm not! I just like the company of men. It doesn't matter to me whether he's rich or poor, that's why I have a job, to take care of myself. Don't get me wrong, a rich guy is so much easier to handle than a poor one! But it doesn't matter really. I like who I like.
It may be a beautiful place, but the Hanging Gardens needs to get better help! When I ordered a tossed salad, I didn't mean I wanted it tossed over my freaking head! Ugh, and that was my favorite dress too! Ruined by some bumbling idiot!
After the disaster with my lunch, I decided to head upstairs and have a drink at the bar. The bartender was kinda cute and I caught him checking me out......hmmmm, things are looking up!
He fixes my drink without saying a word and looks very uncomfortable as I look at him while sipping my brandy. Aw, that's kinda cute......he's shy! I've been known to bring people out of their shells!
After it was obvious that he wasn't going to come talk to me, I went over and started a conversation with him. His name is Jeff Gast and he like being a bartender. He tells me that he gets to see alot of interesting people and overhear alot of conversations. Hmmmm, I don't know if I like that. Jeff may turn out to be a bit of a busy body!
After having another drink, I get Jeff's number and tell him that I will call him soon. I don't really think he's my type, but sometimes you have to take what you can get! Anyway, I could feel his eyes watching me as I walked off so I know he's interested.
A week later while eating breakfast, it occurred to me that I hadn't yet called Jeff. Something was holding me back from doing it, but I couldn't tell you what! But I had some time off from the gas station (yes I work as an attendent, I don't really like working too hard!), so I figured what the hell, why not call him?
He came over and I started out with my basic flirting. He seemed a bit uncomfortable with it which was strange. I leaned over and whispered that we should take it upstairs and he looked me in my eyes and said, "Janet, I think you're a really special girl. I want to take things slow with you, you know, build something. I think we have what it takes to go the distance."
He leaned over and kissed me and asked me to call him the next day. The whole time I'm thinking, buddy I'm tossing your phone number out the window! Buh-Bye!
Is that what it's come to now? Can a girl not just get laid without having to marry the guy? Ugh, this is so not off to a good start!!!
*I have to say it, I LOVE Janet! She's hilarious to play! Her facial expressions are pricless! It's hard to find eligible men walking on the community lots in Crystal Bay.......hopefully it will be easier for her soon!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Something to Prove

Rotation 1 - September 2020

Sam and Tina are 27, Michael is 8
Narrated by Sam Leary

I seem like a nice guy right? I mean I don't seem offensive do I? I've been the "nice guy" since I can remember. I grew up on what people might call "the wrong side of the tracks". My family didn't have alot of money and the other sims in the neighborhood looked down on us. Well everybody except for one. Tina Shelton. Tina was gorgeous and all the boys wanted her, but she married me! The small town life got to be a bit much and we decided to move to where we could move up in the world! Crystal Bay is bigger than our old home, but small enough not to be overwhelming.
Tina really is a beautiful woman. I've always had a thing for porcelain skin red heads! I still can't believe she married me. I don't think the rest of the town could believe it either! We've been in Crystal Bay about a month now and Tina is working as a blog writer. She loves kids and I think she would actually be better suited teaching. If a job comes up, I'm sure she'll snag it.
Our son Michael is a little handful! He's such an energetic little boy. Tina and I want more kids, but right now we don't have the room for them! We could only afford a small 1 bedroom house. Michael is already sleeping in the loft!
I'm not working right now because I'm working on building up my garden. Crystal Bay doesn't have a harsh winter, so it's perfect weather to have a year round garden. I figure I can sell my produce out front and build up a clientele. I've got my eye on this really nice farm house down the street, and plan to get it once we save up the cash. I'm even thinking of taking out a loan so we can get it quicker. It has a small shop attached to it that I could turn into a store.
I've always had a green thumb and can really grow things. I don't think it will take long before I have a pretty nice garden. There's a nice lake not too far from here and I plan to also catch a couple of fish and sell those too.
Michael wanted to do his part as well, so he set up a little lemonade stand in the front yard. How cute is that? He likes being outdoors just as much as I do, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of help once the crops come in!
Tina needed an office to work on her blogs. We took out a small loan and I built her one on the side of the house. We even bought a nice laptop for her to work on. This will put us back on getting the farm house a little since we can't start saving until we pay off this loan so it doesn't gain too much interest. But it was something that I felt Tina needed!
Some of the folks from Talum came down to see us. For the most part they were really nice. Alot of times, people look down on us because we aren't rolling in money. That's how it was before anyway. But these folks seemed to be pretty down to earth.
Tina was talking to Gabriella DeLorne about the trials of moving. Things were going just great until Tina told her where we were from. Ms. DeLorne then looked down her nose at Tina and said, " Sims actually LIVE there?" Well Tina doesn't let anyone talk bad about our hometown and she proceeded to tell Ms. Gabriella DeLorne off!
Gabriella and her husband Fabio quickly exited for fear that Tina was going to hit someone! I love that about her. She's very passionate!
Milton Arnold also came by and he's a bit more my speed than Fabio was. Milton is a nice, down to earth guy. We made plans to go fishing one day and he said he would even bring his daughter Jocelyn over to play with Michael.
Tina was still furious about her encounter with the DeLornes when we sat down to dinner later. "Did you see the way they were kissing out in the front yard? That's just rude! That's to be done in the privacy of your own home, not in the yards of strangers!" she said.
Michael was excited about the prospect of playing with Jocelyn and I was excited about fishing with Milton.
Fishing at the lake is really relaxing. I know I shouldn't be having so much fun since technically this is my job, but I can't help it! I just love fishing and gardening!
And the fish are definitely biting! I think this whole farmer's market idea is going to work out great once I can afford to get that house. And maybe Tina and I can have another child. I know that she's always wanted to have a little girl.
I wake up and go to bed working in my garden. I want the first crops to be sellable. We really need the money and I will feel validated in my decision to do this instead of a conventional job.
After tending to the plants in the morning, most days I hop back into bed for a few more hours of sleep before I head to the lake to go fishing. Tina makes sure that Michael has enough to eat before she sends him off to school. Crystal Bay has it's own school, but nobody to teach in it. I told Tina that she should consider applying for the job. She said she'll think about it so we'll see how that goes.
No, we don't have alot of money or even our own car to drive. But we do have each other and we have big dreams. I think Crystal Bay is going to be the best thing that ever happened to us!

*Again, another family who wants a baby, but refuses to try. In their defense, they really don't have the room for another child. Poor Michael barely has room in that loft as it is! Hopefully they will be able to move to the farm house soon. I built it myself especially for them......I'm actually getting into building's kinda fun!

The Perfect Chance

Rotation 1 - August 2020

Tyson and Ann Marie are 33, Cassie is 14, and TJ is 8.
Narrated by Tyson Carmichael

Crystal Bay. It's a small city with alot of potential and I'm just the guy to turn it around! My name is Tyson Carmichael. My father is the governor of Sim State and decided to give me the opportunity to run my own city. I've been in politics since I was 21, but never had a chance to do something big. Well this is my chance. So me and my family moved here from SimCity. We live in the nicer division of Crystal Bay called Larrington Heights. The homes here over look the rest of the city and it's kinda nice. No one else lives up here at the moment, but that's actually ok. I don't really mind it much.
My wife Ann Marie was able to get a job in business. Right now she's just working as a mailroom clerk, but Ann Marie is very smart and I know she'll climb the corporate ladder very quickly. Since she has a degree in finance, she will be taking care of the taxes for the city. We have to build some revenue and the quickest way to do so is taxes! I won't tax them too much (don't want people running me out of town!). We don't have an official city hall yet, so we set up a small office in the house so people will come here to pay.
Our daughter Cassie was pretty excited about the move. She saw it as a chance to start over in a new place and a new school. She's a good student, although she is very easily distracted! Cassie likes to have fun, but she doesn't realize sometimes that she needs to prioritize! We're hoping to work on that more.
Tyson, Jr., whom we affectionately call TJ, is a very intelligent young man. I don't think he'll want to go into politics like his old man, but I know that whatever he does, he will be very good at it. He has that Carmichael drive!
A week or so after we moved in, a welcoming party came for a visit. I was glad they stopped by because it's important for me to get to know the people I'll be governing. I need to know what they need and what they want for Crystal Bay. They all seem like a very nice group of people.
After they left, we took the kids to the Mayfair Cafe for dinner. Ann Marie is a wonderful wife and mother, but her cooking leaves something to be desired! But in her defense, her breakfast is actually pretty edible!
Cassie is excited about starting at her new school. Right now they have to take a bus to a neighboring school because we don't have the staff for Crystal Bay Academy yet. But hopefully we will be able to open the doors soon. Cassie is worried that she won't make any friends, but Ann Marie tells her that she is being silly. Of course she'll make friends! Who wouldn't like her? It's a bit biased, but it made her feel better!
We came back and after the kids were asleep for the night, I pulled Ann Marie to me and asked her if she was happy. I mean the entire family moved so I could chase my own dreams and I never thought of them. She told me that we would move wherever we needed to for me to be a success. See, this is why I married her!
Cassie and TJ started school and they fit in just fine. The workload isn't much different from their old school and they won't have too much catching up to do. Hopefully, Cassie will take her head out of the clouds and focus more on doing her homework.......I guess time will tell!
Ann Marie got a promotion and is now an executive assistant! I'm so proud of her! I knew she would be able to do it. Next stop, CEO!
Cassie has gotten into painting, which is very good. She's not all that great right now, but I'm sure as time progresses, she'll be so much better at it. It calms her down and helps her focus.
Ann Marie bought some cookbooks and is trying her hand at cooking. We can't really continue to eat out everyday because who can afford that?! So she's starting off small with salads and fruit salads and is working her way up.
We've fallen into a nice routine where Ann Marie cooks, Cassie paints, and I help TJ with his homework when I get home from work. It's pretty nice. SimCity was so loud and noisy, and it's so quiet and peaceful here. I think this is going to be the best move we've ever made.
Cassie has even made a new friend. Madison McGaw seems like a pretty nice girl. Apparently Cassie has also developed a new crush as well. Some boy named Angelo..........isn't she too young to be all boy crazy?!

*Ok, so in my Pleasantview hood, everyone was CONSTANTLY trying to have babies. In this one, NO ONE tries! The population will never grow if they don't try soon! I'm trying to stay out of it, but I may have to intervene a bit! I'm having so much fun playing this custom hood. I need to create more townies I think, so the community lots don't look so freaking empty. I'm glad there aren't many maxis townies so I won't get their terrible genes!