Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Perfect Chance

Rotation 1 - August 2020

Tyson and Ann Marie are 33, Cassie is 14, and TJ is 8.
Narrated by Tyson Carmichael

Crystal Bay. It's a small city with alot of potential and I'm just the guy to turn it around! My name is Tyson Carmichael. My father is the governor of Sim State and decided to give me the opportunity to run my own city. I've been in politics since I was 21, but never had a chance to do something big. Well this is my chance. So me and my family moved here from SimCity. We live in the nicer division of Crystal Bay called Larrington Heights. The homes here over look the rest of the city and it's kinda nice. No one else lives up here at the moment, but that's actually ok. I don't really mind it much.
My wife Ann Marie was able to get a job in business. Right now she's just working as a mailroom clerk, but Ann Marie is very smart and I know she'll climb the corporate ladder very quickly. Since she has a degree in finance, she will be taking care of the taxes for the city. We have to build some revenue and the quickest way to do so is taxes! I won't tax them too much (don't want people running me out of town!). We don't have an official city hall yet, so we set up a small office in the house so people will come here to pay.
Our daughter Cassie was pretty excited about the move. She saw it as a chance to start over in a new place and a new school. She's a good student, although she is very easily distracted! Cassie likes to have fun, but she doesn't realize sometimes that she needs to prioritize! We're hoping to work on that more.
Tyson, Jr., whom we affectionately call TJ, is a very intelligent young man. I don't think he'll want to go into politics like his old man, but I know that whatever he does, he will be very good at it. He has that Carmichael drive!
A week or so after we moved in, a welcoming party came for a visit. I was glad they stopped by because it's important for me to get to know the people I'll be governing. I need to know what they need and what they want for Crystal Bay. They all seem like a very nice group of people.
After they left, we took the kids to the Mayfair Cafe for dinner. Ann Marie is a wonderful wife and mother, but her cooking leaves something to be desired! But in her defense, her breakfast is actually pretty edible!
Cassie is excited about starting at her new school. Right now they have to take a bus to a neighboring school because we don't have the staff for Crystal Bay Academy yet. But hopefully we will be able to open the doors soon. Cassie is worried that she won't make any friends, but Ann Marie tells her that she is being silly. Of course she'll make friends! Who wouldn't like her? It's a bit biased, but it made her feel better!
We came back and after the kids were asleep for the night, I pulled Ann Marie to me and asked her if she was happy. I mean the entire family moved so I could chase my own dreams and I never thought of them. She told me that we would move wherever we needed to for me to be a success. See, this is why I married her!
Cassie and TJ started school and they fit in just fine. The workload isn't much different from their old school and they won't have too much catching up to do. Hopefully, Cassie will take her head out of the clouds and focus more on doing her homework.......I guess time will tell!
Ann Marie got a promotion and is now an executive assistant! I'm so proud of her! I knew she would be able to do it. Next stop, CEO!
Cassie has gotten into painting, which is very good. She's not all that great right now, but I'm sure as time progresses, she'll be so much better at it. It calms her down and helps her focus.
Ann Marie bought some cookbooks and is trying her hand at cooking. We can't really continue to eat out everyday because who can afford that?! So she's starting off small with salads and fruit salads and is working her way up.
We've fallen into a nice routine where Ann Marie cooks, Cassie paints, and I help TJ with his homework when I get home from work. It's pretty nice. SimCity was so loud and noisy, and it's so quiet and peaceful here. I think this is going to be the best move we've ever made.
Cassie has even made a new friend. Madison McGaw seems like a pretty nice girl. Apparently Cassie has also developed a new crush as well. Some boy named Angelo..........isn't she too young to be all boy crazy?!

*Ok, so in my Pleasantview hood, everyone was CONSTANTLY trying to have babies. In this one, NO ONE tries! The population will never grow if they don't try soon! I'm trying to stay out of it, but I may have to intervene a bit! I'm having so much fun playing this custom hood. I need to create more townies I think, so the community lots don't look so freaking empty. I'm glad there aren't many maxis townies so I won't get their terrible genes!


  1. Not all maxis townies turn out ugly kids. On my legacy blog most of first gene kids turned out cute! :)

    I've always wanted to do a prosperity challenge but I don't have the talent to keep track of all of that! LOL!!

  2. It is alot to keep up with! But it also makes it seem more real to me. Plus I'm just nerdy enough to enjoy keep tabs on all my sims lol! There are about 25 townies that they game generated and I created about 10 more myself, but I rarely seem them walking around at the community lots and they never walk by the houses! Not all the townies have bad genes (my favorite sim in my lost legacy was the product of a playable and a townie), but its always a chance that the kid will get their worse features!

  3. How weird about your couples not trying for babies. Check your ACR settings to make sure you don't have it disabled, maybe? Hopefully you've got it solved by now anyway.

  4. My Sims don't seem to want to try to have babies either. That is why I have risky woohoo in my game. To help them along. I am already on Round 7 and I had to add new CAS in so that my population would grow a little faster.

    I really like that hairstyle on Cassie. It is so cute.

  5. I have inteen and risky woohoo but it's just not working! Thanks, I love Cassie's hair too, but I can't remember where I got it! It's one of my favorite hairstyles.