Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On My Own

Rotation 1 - November 2020

Fabio and Gabriella are 28, Angelo is 14
Narrated by Fabio DeLorne

So yea, my name is Fabio. Ridiculous, isn't it? My dad is a well-known actor in SimCity and he and my mom thought that Fabio was a cute name........yeah. Whenever someone hears my last name, they automatically think of Dean DeLorne and I hate that. I want to be judged on my own talent not my dad's. Especially not after what he did........
Me and my wife Gabriella and our son Angelo moved to Crystal Bay a few months ago. It's been going pretty good so far. Gabriella has gotten work as a nurse at a local hospital and Angelo is doing pretty well in school. I'm doing comedy in a club. It's a lame gig, but it's a start. Crystal Bay is a good place to start building a name for myself, without the stigma of the DeLorne title.
Gabriella is just as beautiful as she is intelligent. Alot of people underestimate her based on her beauty, but that is always a mistake on their part. She can definitely hold her own. She's a bit snooty sometimes which can sometimes lead to problems. She even had a run in with the wife of a local farmer. Sometimes, she doesn't think before she speaks!
Despite all that, she has an excellent bedside manner and she is quickly working her way up through the ranks. She is definitely giving a new dimension to the DeLorne name. Most of my family ended up in showbiz. Angelo is a very bright boy and we have pretty high hopes for him. He is a very ambitious young man, albeit a bit too much sometimes. He starts on something with so much gusto that he forgets everything else.
He also is beginning to take an interest in girls. That's not really a bad thing, but I don't want him acting like his grandfather. After 40 years of marriage, my dad ran off with a woman about my age. Just left my mom like it was nothing. It's another reason why we decided to move. The scandel was just too much!
Gabriella helps Angelo with his homework. He and I bump heads whenever I try to help him. He listens to what she says, but he questions me. I've been through high school so I know what I'm doing! But he is such a know-it-all!!!
But this is a good opportunity for us. I'm happy to be away from all of that drama! And where ever Gabriella and Angelo are, that's where I'll be! I love my family!
*Fabio is a pretty moody sim. He stands with his arms crossed alot with a look on his face like he's mad at the world! When I was coming up with the back stories of how everyone ended up in Crystal Bay, his came to me after watching his behavior......he's such a brooding sim!


  1. This is one gorgeous family! Did you make them?

  2. Yea I did, just the luck of the draw! I have different default face templates so that helps alot!