Monday, July 27, 2009

Founding Families

Crystal Bay begins with 6 families with a need for a new beginning. These families see this as a new start to a better life.

The Carmichaels
Cassie, Ann Marie, Tyson, and TJ
Tyson Carmichael and his wife Ann Marie moved to Crystal Bay with their kids Cassie and TJ after Tyson's father offered him a job as Mayor. Tyson's father is governor of the great state of Simton and wanted to give his son the opportunity to do something great. Tyson accepted the challenge and he and his family moved to Crystal Bay with hopes that he could help build the town into something wonderful. They currently live in Larrington Heights.

The Learys
Sam, Tina, and Michael

Sam Leary was always the boy from the wrong side of the tracks. So imagine his surprise when the beautiful high school cheerleader Tina fell in love with him and eventually married him and had his child. Life for the trio had been a little tough and Sam is determined to give Tina the life he feels she deserves. So he decided to move them to Crystal Bay when he found a house with a garden plot. It's a tiny house, but Sam is convinced that once he begins growing his produce, the sells from it will enable him to get a bigger house and maybe one day even a store. They currently have a small farmhouse in Middleton.

The Petersons
Janet Peterson has always been a love 'em and leave 'em kind of girl. She's never seen the use of having love or settling down with one person for your entire life. There are too many men out there to do that!!! Janet came to Crystal Bay simply for a change in scenery and a change in men! Janet currently lives in Crystal Bay Apartments.

The DeLornes
Fabio, Gabriella, Angelo
Fabio DeLorne was tired of living in the shadows of his family name. He has dreams of being an entertainer based on his own merit and he knew that he couldn't do that from his home. He and his wife Gabriella decided to move with their son Angelo so that Fabio could start his career fresh, without the tainting of the DeLorne name attached. They have a home in Talum.

The Arnolds
Milton and Jocelyn
Milton Arnold was crushed when his wife of 10 walked into their apartment and declared that she was leaving. Joy was always complaining about being tied down, but Milton was sure that things were getting better. With Joy taking off, Milton couldn't afford his apartment in the city, so he and his daughter Jocelyn moved to a small home in Talum. Milton hopes that he can do a good enough job raising Jocelyn on his own.

The Fraders
Nickoli Frader recently received his bachelor's degree and is now deciding what to do with his life. He moved to Crystal Bay hoping to have a better start since the city is developing. He doesn't know exactly what he wants to do, just that he wants to be a success at it! He currently lives in the City Loft Apartments.

* Sorry for the crappy pictures, but it was easier to take the game shots than create new ones of my own.....building a city is hard work!

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  1. These look like fun families! I'm looking forward to following them.