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I thought I would post my idea for the "Caught!" section. It's not very detailed, just a basic design, but I think it gives you an idea of where I want to go with this:

So what do you think? Should I keep it in?

SimSational Quarterly

So I figure I should begin working on the first issue of SimSational Quarterly. I think a good theme for this issue would be sim-owned businesses. I'm not sure how many of you are interested in contributing to this so as of right now I will say the limit is 2 businesses per hood. As for guidelines for submission, if you would like to create the layout for your entry yourself, the final picture needs to be 8x11. The same goes for any advertisements that you might want to include. I would be more that happy to help with the layout if you wanted to just send me the pictures you want to include along with a bio of the sim and the business. You can email me the photos and the bio, I'll create a layout and send it back to you for approval. So here are the official details:

1. Layout needs to be 8x11
2. Layout needs to include at least one picture of the business and the sim that owns it.
3. Layout needs to have a short bio of the sim and the business (i.e. how they started the business, the type business it is, etc.)
4. Layout can be more than one page. Say you wanted to have the pics on one page and the write up on another. That would be fine and probably would look better than crowding it all on one page.
5. I use Adobe Photoshop 7 so the format would need to be something readable in photoshop (.jpg, .bmp, etc.)
6. Be sure to include which hood the business is located in.

Advertisements can be on anything, they don't have to be hood related. I'm putting in an add for Cover Sim make up! They still need to follow the sizing guidelines. Send all submissions to :

Again I would be glad to help anyone who isn't photoshop savvy but who still wants to contribute pics. Just let me know! I love doing this so it's no problem at all. May take me a bit of time with school and work. But that's why I'm starting on this so early. This issue will include Thanksgiving and Christmas as well if you wanted to contribute anything along those lines. This is the pilot issue so this is where we will begin to shape the way the issues will be. I also thought about having a section called "Caught!" with scandalous, juicy gossip and pics from the hoods as well. So what do you think? Is there anything that should be added? Taken away? Let me know! And you can start submitting pics today!

*I'm such a boob! The deadline will be Oct. 5. It's a Monday so that gives a weekend to work on the finishing touches. I also wanted to add Laura's great idea for an announcements section. Engagements, weddings, graduates, etc. I may consider doing baby announcements later, but right now I think it would be too huge with the number of babies between all the hoods! For those of you who have mayors and elections for different positions, that could also go in the announcements section. Feel free to toss out any ideas you might have, I want this to be something that we all enjoy doing and reading!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Rotation 1 - January 2022

Nickoli Frader is 25

Well it's a new year......and I'm still freaking sad is that? After Milton set me up with the horrible female known as Candi, I've been hesitant to let him set me up with anyone else.......I just don't want to go through that again! Just horrible! But he swears he has found the perfect girl for me this time.......I'll be sure to return the favor to old Milton as well!!!
I mean I'm 25......That's not that old, but I always thought I would be on the road to getting married by now.......I want to have kids by the time I'm 30 so I won't be that old once they leave.....then me and my wife can be young again! But it's just been so hard.....It was never this hard to meet women in college......Maybe Amanda Lancaster will be just what I need.......if Milton didn't botch this one up too!!!
She comes over when I get off work and I have to say, she's the most beautiful woman I think I've ever seen! I've always been pretty partial to red heads! She's really into cooking and reading which happen to also be two of my favorite things as well!
I tell her she's beautiful and she seems taken aback......she has to know she's gorgeous, right? I felt a connection with her instantly. Not just because she's beautiful, it's on a much deeper level than that......I don't know how to describe it......she walked through the door and took my breathe away. Literally took my breathe away. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's exactly what happened.
I changed out of my stuffy work clothes and came back out to finish my conversation with her. In the middle of her telling me about being an only child, I felt an encompassing need to stroke the skin of her cheek. I don't know what's wrong with me, I really don't. I've never felt this way before about's a bit unnerving!
Then I pulled her close and began dancing with her to no music at all. It was like I was in a dream, a weird, wonderful dream. And I couldn't wake up. I know it's silly to dance around in a living room to no music, but at the time it seemed like the most normal thing in the world at that time. And it seems she felt the same as she didn't pull back. She just let me hold her as we waltzed around my living room. When the haziness finally left, I asked her to join me for dinner the next night. I think I'm in love with her already.....
It's ok that she eats macaroni and cheese at the finest seafood restaurant in Crystal Bay. It's just something else that I love about her. I learned a few things about Amanda Lancaster that night. She's a really smart and ambitious woman. She wants to own her own restaurant one day. She likes thunderstorms. She wants alot of kids. Her favorite color is green. And there is one other thing that I learned about Ms. Amanda Lancaster.....
She has, without a doubt, stolen my heart.......and I don't mind at all!

*These two are my first couple to meet and have 3 bolts. They usually have to grow into the attraction! I admit that once I downloaded the freckled skin, I made about 4 sims that had it! I just think it's so cute!!! I next update will be a summary of my last time in each house. I have 6 families and I play by months so that's 4 updates per family. I'm already on the second round and I have to catch up to where I am so in one big post I will do the last play round for each family. Not much really happened to anyone by the time we got to their fourth play time!

Mini-Update - Arnold

Rotation 1 - December 2021

Milton is 34, Jocelyn is 5


Not much happened this time in the Arnold household. Jocelyn is becoming a very popular kid! The phone rings all the time for her and she's not even a teen yet! Most of the time it's TJ Carmichael, who I'm guessing is pretty much her bestfriend in Crystal Bay.
They have a nice little nest egg stashed away and to save money, Milton does all of the yardwork. It's cheaper than hiring one of those gardeners! He doesn't enjoy it but he doesn't hate it either. I think he realizes that is a neccessary evil so he doesn't give me any flack about it!
He's still striking out with the women sadly. It's pretty interesting, this internet dating. You're limited to only those few people who are online and the time and you don't know what they look like until after you start a conversation and they are in your people you know panel. It's tough being a single dad!
But he also meets women when he goes out to run errands on his off days when Jocelyn is in school. I figure between these two methods, he'll eventually meet a good woman who he's attracted to. Milton Arnold is extremely picky! But I guess he doesn't want just any woman around his daughter.
The only time he really has free to get away from the house and breathe and do adult things is on his off days when Jocelyn is in school. It's pretty fun trying to balance his time so that he does more than play with his daughter. Before I would have just hired a nanny and let him do whatever he wanted! But this is more true to life and more challenging.
No matter how little adult time he gets, he still has wants to spend quality time with his little girl. It's such a wonderful thing to see!

*I've decided to just do a little mini-update when things are kinda boring in a house. There really wasn't much to capture during their play time. So instead of taking alot of pictures of very dull events, I'll take a couple of highlight pics and give a summary of what happened!

So Embarrassing........

Rotation 1- November 2021

Fabio and Gabriella are 29, Angelo is 15
Narrated by Angelo DeLorne

My parents are such spazzes. I mean it's almost embarrassing to admit that they are indeed my parents! The DeLorne name was made cool by my grandfather. Now my dad is on a mission to screw it all up! Ok, maybe I'm being a little harsh. They're just so weird! And they think I'm weird, which I don't get. I think I'm a pretty average 15 year old boy. It's like living in a circus around here......speaking of circuses.....
Yes, sadly that is my father. He's working as a birthday party clown.....A BIRTHDAY PARTY CLOWN! I mean really. I know nonno did some shady things, but he could have really helped dad with his career if he hadn't gone off all half-cocked and moved us away from the family. Now he's walking around in this, arguing with my mom about money. Ugh.......
My mom is also a spaz......just not as much as my dad. She's doing really well with her nursing job and in all honesty, is the bread winner for our family. I can't wait to go to college and escape this craziness. At least it's just me......would be terrible if I had brothers and sisters that had to suffer through this as well! My mom isn't the best cook in the world. Actually, that was one of the main reason's she and my nonna didn't get along. That and the fact that she isn't fully italian. But she tries her best......
Sometimes her best just isn't enough! Me and dad try to tell her that she doesn't have to cook, we don't mind eating out. But I think she feels guilty about not feeding us nutritional meals every day.....but I would rather eat junk than be burned alive!
She finally conceded and ordered a pizza after the fire. I love my mom and dad. They just are two of the craziest people I know. I couldn't see them with anyone else......I mean who else could put up with either of them?!
I woke up one night and heard this strange noise. So I called the police. Turns out there was a robber in our house! The police came and there was a fight! I thought this place was suppose to be a wonderful place to live? It's boring and now we're getting buglarized in the middle of the night!
The cop won and took the crook off to jail. My dad said he was going to talk to Mayor Carmichael about the need for better police patrol. Dad and mom are really good friends with the Carmichaels. Their daughter Cassie is the same age as me. I think she may have had a little crush on me.......but she's really not my type.......
What is my type? Carla Harris. Carla is one of the coolest chicks I think I have ever met. She loves music just like I do and I can talk to her for hours about almost anything. And come on, how many 15 year olds do you know with piercings? She's just a really great girl.....
And I chased her for months! I mean I haven't really caught her officially yet, but I'm working on it! Maybe some of the good DeLorne charm will kick in soon........I hope so.......cause I can totally see me with her......totally.......

*Angelo is fun to play. I created Carla just for him since it's a bit hard to find other teens in my hood. Maybe it will be like in real life - you know, when you're single, it's almost impossible to find anyone and once you're attached, well then everyone wants you! He really has such indifference towards his parents! And he has a love for music.....maybe he and Carla can start a band together......

Monday, August 24, 2009

Losing My Touch?

Rotation 1 - October 2021

Janet is 25

I finally did it! I got my place by the beach! It's not a beachfront property because I didn't have the money for it, but it's as close to the water as I could afford! Ah, the life of the bachelorette! This is going to be so freaking sweet! I've been kinda bummed lately because my little romance with Brandon Lillard came to an abrupt end. Seems Brandon bats for both teams.........I'm willing to share, but that was just a bit outside of my realm!

But when one door closes........... I met Andrew Langerak at the arcade downtown......he's a cutie isn't he? I didn't even know they had sexy men like this in Crystal Bay! That strong jaw and those piercing blue eyes are just too much! He has women all over Crystal Bay drooling over him! But of course, it's up to me to tame him!

He has dreams of moving to the big city. I didn't want to crush his dreams by telling him that he probably won't be able to move to the city on a bartender's salary. He's all solomon and serious and he's really not my usual type.......but hell, he's gorgeous!

I don't think he approves of my little bachelorette pad......what did he expect? I mean, if a woman picks a man up in a bar, chances are she isn't going to be little susie homemaker. He's lucky that he's so sexy. I would normally have an issue with someone judging my lifestyle.......but he gets a free pass!

"Look, I know we got off to a rough start, but how about a little truce? I mean we're both here, almost naked in my bed. Don't you think there are better things to do besides fighting about where I live?" I asked him later.

"It's nothing personal Janet. It's just that you seem a little flighty. Contrary to what you may think, I don't just jump into bed with every woman I see. I came back with you because I thought you had some depth. But it just seems that you're a really shallow person."

Talk about a mood ruiner. After his little comment, it was obvious that things weren't going to progress very far with us. I told him what I thought of his opinion and he hopped out of the bed in a huff.......such a waste.........

I get the distinct feeling that Drew doesn't really like me. Well the feeling is mutual. Judgemental jerk! Well so much for my luck changing. After that fiasco, I asked Drew to leave and told him to never call me again. He smartly replied, "No problem," and left my house.
I decided to fix myself a nice fruit salad to take my mind off of the date from hell. I don't understand why I'm having so much trouble. I'm a good looking woman! What is these men's problem? Drew called me and apologized and asked me to meet him on Crystal Bay Island at the Pink Flamingo. I didn't have anything better to do, so why not? I believe in second chances.....
Of course, it wouldn't hurt to show Drew exactly what it was he's missing out on. So I put on my guaranteed to knock 'em dead outfit and strutted out to the awaiting cab, convinced that I could turn this entire bad day around with a few quick swishes of my hips!
The Pink Flamingo is a nice little spot on the island. Too bad it's next door to a shady pool hall. I bet you can never guess what Drew wanted to do first. I mean who apologizes to someone by taking them to a place where they could possibly get mugged?
Drew was a horrible date. I mean just terrible. He wasn't very interested in the game, even though playing pool was his idea. I just don't get him. I don't know what his deal is. After technically playing the game all by myself, I told Drew I was hungry and that we should go out to get something to eat.
We go next door and eat in the little restaurant on the bottom floor of the Pink Flamingo. This is where I finally accepted that no matter how sexy he is, Drew was just not the trouble.
"No offense Janet. I mean you're sexy as all get out. But it's like you're oil and I'm water. We just don't mix," he said.
Why do I have to be the dirty oil and he the pure water?
After Drew, I had a whole slew of failures, including Amin Sims. Am I coming on too strong? Is it my fault? Does my breathe all of a sudden smell bad? What is it about me that seems to repel all available men? If they aren't repelled, then they want a lifetime commitment. Sheesh, what happened to the middle ground? That nice gray area?
Then I met Sinjin Couderc. He's a cute guy looking for a nice time who is completely unattached. It's great! He just walked by my house one day and I ran out to greet him. Couldn't let a man like that just walk on by!
All of my flirting that had been previously unsuccessful worked wonders on Sinjin. FINALLY! I'm back in the game after all!
After he assured me that he was interested in only women, it was full steam ahead. The perfect house, the perfect is good!!!!

*I plan to do a post on my addition to Crystal Bay - Crystal Bay Island. It's my custom made downtown area. Janet is a riot to play. It was hilarious to see her be so unlucky with her male companions. But there are still a few surprises in store for poor Janet. I'm going to try to catch the blog up more closely with where I am in game. I'm already on rotation 2 and so much has happened that I want to share!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Changes!

Rotation 1 - September 2021

Sam and Tina are 28, Michael is 9

Narrated by Sam Leary

We finally did it! Tina and I just took out a loan and went for it! We now have a very nice farmhouse with a small store on the side. We also decided to invest in a little red truck! I am so excited to get started with this farm. It's a new chapter in our lives.
There is even a small pond in the back. I try to get some fishing in so that once I open my store, we can also sell fresh fish. I figure I will be able to open the store after the first full crops come in. There is no other place in Crystal Bay that sells fresh produce, so the market is really great for it.
It's alot of hard work, there's no doubt about that. But if I ever hope to pay off the loan I had to take out to get this place, I will need to really make a big profit. We don't have room to fail on this. Tina didn't object to me taking out the loan because she believes in me. I just hope that I don't disappoint her.
Michael is still very interested in farming. I couldn't be happier! I feel that this farm will be my legacy, the thing that Mike and his kids and their kids remember me for. And I'm just really happy that Michael has taken an interest in it. I'm glad that I can leave it in such capable hands. Tina really wants to have another baby and I hope things slow down soon so we can try. I think she was alittle nervous about telling me, but I would love another kid too. Mike will soon be a teen and it would be nice to have another child around.Even Tina is helping me with the farm. She's not really a prissy kind of woman, but she also isn't really the type to do farm work. It means alot to me that she's taking such an interest in this. I couldn't have married a better woman if I tried. Sometimes I wonder if she wishes she married a man with more money. I mean she's not really materialistic, but we've been struggling since Michael came along. I really hope this works out.......
Tina has been getting lots of promotions at work lately. She loves working with the kids. I'm glad she decided to go into education and leave the writing behind. She was great at writing, don't get me wrong, but she seems to enjoy working with the kids more. I think it's because she really wants more kids of her own........
With her last bonus from work, she decided to buy a dog for Michael. I think it was more for her, but I'm not going to argue about it! So she decided to get a lab that she named Retro. She figured a lab would make a pretty good farm dog and was also big enough that he might scare off any would be intruders.
As big as he is, Retro is really just a big baby. He's a really gentle dog which is good for Michael. He hasn't really been around many animals and we didn't know if he would freak out about Retro. I was a little apprehensive about getting the dog, we have enough bills and mouths to feed. But I also knew that this meant alot to Tina. And I just want her to be happy.
I wanted to show Mike that Retro was harmless, so I slowy introduced to him to him. Retro stood obediently still while I stroked his fur as Mike looked on. Once Michael was confortable, he decided he wanted to take Retro outside to play. I was so happy that he liked Retro. I don't know what we would have done if he was afraid of him!They were soon outside playing together like they had known each other all along. I think Mike would have liked to have a little brother or sister too. It makes me feel like a heel, but I just want to get this farm up and running before I take on another project. And a kid is a big project!

The new house has a much nicer kitchen. It more spacious and has better appliances. Tina loves cooking now. Which of course makes me and Michael very happy! she tries to cook a fresh meal everyday, but sometimes we just have leftovers if she's too tired, or if she has alot of papers she needs to grade.
Tina has been talking about how she misses her friends. I told her she could try making new ones here, but then she brings up that fiasco with Gabriella DeLorne. I told her that every woman in Crystal Bay isn't like Gabriella DeLorne. Ann Marie Carmichael seems really nice and I think they woulld get along pretty well. But Tina said she wants someone who would better understand her. She thinks Ann Marie lives a different life from her. I guess she's right, but that doesn't mean they can't be friends! But at the end of a long hard day, it's nice to sit down as a family.........I'm really a lucky man......
Retro isn't as good a dog as I thought he was.......digging up my yard........gonna have to teach that dog some better behavior!!!!

*Tina constantly rolled a baby want, Michael had a new family member want, and Sam wanted to earn better gardening badges! After a while, Tina started rolling get a pet wants so I figured she got tired of waiting on Sam and decided that a dog would have to do for a while! I usually suck at building houses but I'm pretty satisfied with how their farm turned out. Hopefully it will be successful! Sam got a gold gardening badge at the end of my turn with his house so that should help the crops be pretty good once they come in.