Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Something to Prove

Rotation 1 - September 2020

Sam and Tina are 27, Michael is 8
Narrated by Sam Leary

I seem like a nice guy right? I mean I don't seem offensive do I? I've been the "nice guy" since I can remember. I grew up on what people might call "the wrong side of the tracks". My family didn't have alot of money and the other sims in the neighborhood looked down on us. Well everybody except for one. Tina Shelton. Tina was gorgeous and all the boys wanted her, but she married me! The small town life got to be a bit much and we decided to move to where we could move up in the world! Crystal Bay is bigger than our old home, but small enough not to be overwhelming.
Tina really is a beautiful woman. I've always had a thing for porcelain skin red heads! I still can't believe she married me. I don't think the rest of the town could believe it either! We've been in Crystal Bay about a month now and Tina is working as a blog writer. She loves kids and I think she would actually be better suited teaching. If a job comes up, I'm sure she'll snag it.
Our son Michael is a little handful! He's such an energetic little boy. Tina and I want more kids, but right now we don't have the room for them! We could only afford a small 1 bedroom house. Michael is already sleeping in the loft!
I'm not working right now because I'm working on building up my garden. Crystal Bay doesn't have a harsh winter, so it's perfect weather to have a year round garden. I figure I can sell my produce out front and build up a clientele. I've got my eye on this really nice farm house down the street, and plan to get it once we save up the cash. I'm even thinking of taking out a loan so we can get it quicker. It has a small shop attached to it that I could turn into a store.
I've always had a green thumb and can really grow things. I don't think it will take long before I have a pretty nice garden. There's a nice lake not too far from here and I plan to also catch a couple of fish and sell those too.
Michael wanted to do his part as well, so he set up a little lemonade stand in the front yard. How cute is that? He likes being outdoors just as much as I do, so I'm sure I'll have plenty of help once the crops come in!
Tina needed an office to work on her blogs. We took out a small loan and I built her one on the side of the house. We even bought a nice laptop for her to work on. This will put us back on getting the farm house a little since we can't start saving until we pay off this loan so it doesn't gain too much interest. But it was something that I felt Tina needed!
Some of the folks from Talum came down to see us. For the most part they were really nice. Alot of times, people look down on us because we aren't rolling in money. That's how it was before anyway. But these folks seemed to be pretty down to earth.
Tina was talking to Gabriella DeLorne about the trials of moving. Things were going just great until Tina told her where we were from. Ms. DeLorne then looked down her nose at Tina and said, " Sims actually LIVE there?" Well Tina doesn't let anyone talk bad about our hometown and she proceeded to tell Ms. Gabriella DeLorne off!
Gabriella and her husband Fabio quickly exited for fear that Tina was going to hit someone! I love that about her. She's very passionate!
Milton Arnold also came by and he's a bit more my speed than Fabio was. Milton is a nice, down to earth guy. We made plans to go fishing one day and he said he would even bring his daughter Jocelyn over to play with Michael.
Tina was still furious about her encounter with the DeLornes when we sat down to dinner later. "Did you see the way they were kissing out in the front yard? That's just rude! That's to be done in the privacy of your own home, not in the yards of strangers!" she said.
Michael was excited about the prospect of playing with Jocelyn and I was excited about fishing with Milton.
Fishing at the lake is really relaxing. I know I shouldn't be having so much fun since technically this is my job, but I can't help it! I just love fishing and gardening!
And the fish are definitely biting! I think this whole farmer's market idea is going to work out great once I can afford to get that house. And maybe Tina and I can have another child. I know that she's always wanted to have a little girl.
I wake up and go to bed working in my garden. I want the first crops to be sellable. We really need the money and I will feel validated in my decision to do this instead of a conventional job.
After tending to the plants in the morning, most days I hop back into bed for a few more hours of sleep before I head to the lake to go fishing. Tina makes sure that Michael has enough to eat before she sends him off to school. Crystal Bay has it's own school, but nobody to teach in it. I told Tina that she should consider applying for the job. She said she'll think about it so we'll see how that goes.
No, we don't have alot of money or even our own car to drive. But we do have each other and we have big dreams. I think Crystal Bay is going to be the best thing that ever happened to us!

*Again, another family who wants a baby, but refuses to try. In their defense, they really don't have the room for another child. Poor Michael barely has room in that loft as it is! Hopefully they will be able to move to the farm house soon. I built it myself especially for them......I'm actually getting into building now.....it's kinda fun!


  1. I hope they can move into the farm house soon and have more kids like they want! They seem like a really nice family. :)

    So sorry to hear that your game crashed and made you lose your legacy. :( I had that happen to me a few years ago (my entire computer crashed and died) and my backup was too old to play from. Now I try to remember to back up at the end of each round. I'm looking forward to seeing how Crystal Bay develops!

  2. Thanks! I was so very crushed when it wouldn't load! And I had a back-up but it was WAY too old to go back to (some sims hadn't even been BORN yet), so I decided to just start again! But I've learned my lesson about backing it up regularly! The house costs about $47000 so I want them to earn at least half before they move so their loan won't be so big. Michael will need cash for school!

  3. For some reason, I love this blog. This family is really cool, too.
    P.S. I was curious if you wanted my band, White Ivy, to come to Crystal Bay.
    Here is the link :
    You might need to copy and paste. Please reply! :)

  4. Sounds like they're just smart. They know they don't have the space yet so they're waiting. They're still young, so they have time!