Monday, July 27, 2009

Rules & Regulations

Crystal Bay will be run in prosperity style although I won't be keeping points. Most of these ideas were taken from Lakeside Heights, Sullivan, and Simmington Hills, so thanks to those guys for all their wonderful ideas! This was in progress before my game crashed so I took it and changed it around from my other blog.

So like most blogs I have seen, I'm organizing my aging behind Lakeside Heights, which is explained here. Basically everyone ages two years per round and I play each family for one month during those two years. I will switch up the months so that one family will not get stuck with the same month. I play the college for two years broken up into 4 different updates.
baby: 0-1
toddler: 1-3
Child: 4-11
Teen: 12-18
YA: 19-22
Adult: 23-60
Elder: 60+
At the moment, I only have 6 households so that means they each get 4 updates during a rotation of 24 months. I have the postponed silver years hack installed which means that my adult stage lasts for 42 days instead of 28 and my elders don't live as long.My rounds begin in August and end in July 2 years later.

Taxes & Fees

Taxes are paid at the beginning of each round. I only take a property tax because as of right now, I don't have the patience to calculate individual income taxes! Each household pays 15% of the value of their property, belongings, and bank accounts. I get this amount from the neighborhood screen. Married couples get a credit of $1500 and everyone one gets $1000 per dependent. Dependents include children, college students, and any adult that may be living with the sim who they take care of (i.e. elderly parent or grandparent). The total amount collected is then doubled to account for all the townies, downtownies, and NPCs that also use city facilities. Out of this city budget come money for new city buildings and facilities, events, parks, etc.

Fees charged by Crystal Bay include but are not limited to:


Marriage license: $500 (required for all marriages/unions)
Home Ceremony: Free
Additional Venues
City Hall (Marriage only): $500
City Hall Banquet Hall (Full ceremony): $1000
The Lord's Heart Church: $1500

Divorces are $1000 ($500 per party) and divorce proceedings will include custody and dissolvement of marital assets.
Funerals are $500 for a basic burial and $1000 for a memorial service.
Baby: $5000
Todder: $2500
Child: $1500
Fertility Treaments: $2500; for women over 40 who have tried at least twice.

CB Academy will be a public school and therefore free. Any parent wishing to enroll their child into private school will pay $1000 per school year.
Crystal Bay University is state owned and so education can be offered at a reduced price. A four year degree from CBU is $8000 ($1000 per semester). It can all be paid in one lump sum or $2000 a year.
I have the no 20000 handout hack installed so:
A University student is awarded $5,000 for graduation, Magna Cum Laude.
$1,000 for graduation, regular.


Decisions in Crystal Bay will be decided by the mayor and city council. The council will be made up of 10 members (borrowed from Simmington Hills):
Qualifications: Politics Career
Tasks: Head City Council and enact new laws or fees
Holder: Tyson Carmichael

Education Director
Qualifications: Education Career
Tasks: Reports status of public school and makes new educational policies and decisions

Director of Finance
Qualifications: Business Career
Tasks: Manage city budget and taxes
Holder: Ann Marie Carmichael

Recreational Director
Qualifications: Athletics Career
Task: Promote fitness through diet, exercise and recreation

Clinic Chief of Staff
Qualifications: Medical Career
Tasks: Operate CB Health Clinic (Once it's built that is!)
Holder: Gabriella DeLorne

Attorney General
Qualifications: Law Career
Tasks: Handle legal issues for citizens, finalize laws
Holder: Nickoli Frader

Events Manager
Qualifications: Slacker Career
Tasks: Plan and host events/parties and attend parties community events
Holder: Janet Peterson

Qualifications: Science career
Tasks: Keep residential directories up to date

Security Director
Qualifications: Law Enforcement Career
Tasks: solve conflicts, crime prevention
Holder: Milton Arnold

City Planner
Qualifications: Architect Career
Tasks: Plan designs of all new approved city buildings

In addition to these positions, there will also be an administrative position of:
Tax Assessor
Qualifications: Business Career
Tasks: Collect taxes, compile budget reports for each rotation.
Holder: Ann Marie

City Council Salaries are paid as follows (per rotation):
Mayor: $4000
Education Director: $2000
All other members: $1000
Administrative Positions are paid $800 a rotation.

Council Members will hold their positions until they are unable to perform their jobs. This may change as more sims become eligible who may want to run.These rules and regulations are all subject to change.

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