Friday, October 9, 2009


I don't know why I keep having such bad freaking luck! For some reason, my neighborhood will not load.....I don't know what's wrong, maybe someone can help me. I played last night, got up this morning and went into the game and Crystal Bay just won't load. It doesn't even appear in the neighborhood chooser.......When I look in the game files it's there. But even SimPE won't load it up. I don't know what could have happened.....even my back-up won't play......if any of you have any ideas on how I can save my hood please tell me! I can't start over again......I just can't! I'm so connected to my sims! I was going to play my uni for the first time today and now I can't! I hope this is something I can fix somehow.......


  1. Wow, I don't even know what could have happened from one night to the morning. And you didn't do anything else unusual?

    Can you look in the neighborhood's folder? Are you missing the main neighborhood file (it would look like N004_neighborhood, or something).

    You've just prompted me to back up my own stuff. I haven't backed up since June (*gasps*). I would totally die too! So scary! I hope somebody can help!

    Wait to see if anyone else replies, but my only other suggestion (if nothing else works) is to uninstall and reinstall and then put your back up in. I hope you don't have to go through all that though.

    Are you able to load other neighborhoods?

  2. Very strange! I'm not sure what happened or how to fix it. You could try deleting all of the files that end with .cache and then restarting the game. But I honestly don't know if that will help. You could also try taking out your downloads folder and then see if you can access the neighborhood without any custom content in your game so you'll know if it's something in your downloads causing a problem.

    Or you could take out the neighborhood folder for Crystal Bay and move it to a safe place, start up the game, create a new neighborhood that should then have the same number as Crystal Bay, exit out of the gaem and replace the new neighborhood folder with Crystal Bay's folder and start the game again. I had to do that one time years ago with an old neighborhood I had that had disappeared and for some reason, that seemed to work.

    My only other suggestion is what Laura said, uninstall and then reinstall and put your back up in to see if it will work then. I hope you can figure this out!

  3. This does sound strange. I remember way back when, early 2008, I went to load up Riverdale and BAM! It wouldn't load. I would only get a blue screen then it would crash to desk top. This was an over night thing like you said. I didn't add any new downloads or take out any. But try this any way.

    Go to your "my doc" folder, open up the sims 2 folder. Now delete these files: Accesory .cache, Group.cache, there might be a nother cache file there as well, if so, delete that.

    Then go to your thumbnails folder, you can delete everthing in that folder. Now if/when the game opens up again it will take a few seconds longer for the pics in your catalog to load since you deleted the pics.

    I'm also going to post your problem over at N99 and see if anyone can help!

    Let me know if my suggestion works or not! Good luck.

  4. Laura, BACKUP YOUR HOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Seriously if your hood when down I would hunt you down and... cry on your door step. ROFL

    But yeah, back up. back up. back up. I back up my hood once a week. If I forget then at least twice a month, or at least after a loooong game play, where somethign major happens with one family or if you've played four families. Save that hood, make a copy. SimPE will do it for you.

  5. Riverdale, lol! You and a bunch of people, probably! And I'd be right there crying with you!

    I backed up today, btw ;)

    Mizzgin, any luck so far?

  6. I've tried all the things you guys suggested with no luck. I created a new hood and it gave it the label of N002 because Crystal Bay is still in the folder and it's listed as N001. I have no idea what happened! I shut the game down the way I usually do. I don't know why it won't load and I just don't know if I want to try to start all over. I can't even extract my sims in SimPE because it's not recognizing the folder either. I don't know what the problem is. My back up isn't working either. I have no idea what happened. I haven't messed with any files or done anything like that I just played the game and turned it off!

  7. Gosh, MizzGin, I don't know what to tell you! Did you even do an uninstall/reinstall and it's not working? I hate that this is happening to you. Didn't you have a similar problem with your Taylor legacy hood?

    Maybe you should try creating a new hood after taking Crystal Bay out of your folder. OR (and I have no idea if this would help at all) use a batch renamer to replace all instances of N001 in the folder with N002 and then rename the folder too. I have no idea if that would jumpstart anything into working but it seems like anything is worth a shot at this point.

    Laura, I can't believe you hadn't backed up since June! I would be one of those people crying at your door step so I'm glad you've backed up now! I'm a bit paranoid and I back up after I finish playing each season.

  8. Okay, I just updated the post with what you said. I hope you're able to get this worked out. Over at Neighborhood 99 they asked have you uninstalled any of the EP's. I said no, but have you? Or have you added a new stuff pack or anything?

    Also, try posting over at MATY, maybe someone there can help. They are smart like that. LOL

    Laura, I am so glad to hear that you've backed up. Hood back up is my best friend. But I will admit. I forgot to back up Riverdale a while ago. So when I started backing up again in March the last time I hadn't done it was December of 2008. LOL I'm just glad the game didn't crash at all.

  9. Okay here is another suggestion from N99. Hope this is able to help you!

    Okay, there must be some reason for this- and my number one suspicion is that the game install has a problem so that the game thinks one of the EPS is uninstalled. If this is the case, she should have had a message on startup to that effect, and also she should notice that some game features are missing. The reason I'm suspecting this is because it is unusuall for a hood AND the backup to not work; this would imply that the game was not working correctly when the backup was made, which she would have noticed. Also, if you try to play hood made with an EP that you've since uninstalled, it simply won't show up. Do the newly created hoods look and play normally? Of course, get her to test everything with a completely clean Sims 2 folder- so cut and paste Documents\ EA Games\The Sims 2 to the desktop, and run the game to create a clean set of userdata. Get her to also try a copy (not the original) of her 'broken' hood in this.
    The other possibility is that the hood has become corrupted somehow, if there is corruption in both the backup and the original then I would suspect that either a) there is an antivirus or cleanup program that has removed some of the hood files, mistakenly seeing that they are malicious or b) the game has not shut down correctly more than once, so that the point at which the backup was made conteined corrupted files as did the latest save. If the hood and backup are both indeed corrupted, and SimPE will not open them, then they are lost I'm afraid.

  10. Riverdale - thanks for checking into that for me. SimPE won't open either file so I think the nieghborhood file is corrupted. I have no idea where to go from here.