Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Before She Leaves

Round 3 - Spring 2025

Tyson and Ann Marie are 37, Cassie is 18, TJ is 12


The Carmichaels can feel the time winding down. Cassie will be heading off to college the fall of this year and they will all miss her. So they have decided to spend as much time together as a family as they can before the big day arrives. No one is more excited than Cassie about her impending freedom. She can't wait to get out of her parent's house!
So the head down to Crystal Bay Island to enjoy a day at the CBI Center. Ann Marie can't believe her baby girl is going to college. She just doesn't know what to do with herself! She's actually been thinking of maybe having another baby. She discussed it with Tyson and from the way he freaked out, he doesn't share her desire for another child. TJ has been on cloud nine every since the winter ball. He's never really thought much about girls, but Arlena McGaw is a pretty cute girl......
And she seems to be stalking him! Arlena is everywhere now it seems. But TJ doesn't mind. He's still getting into the hang of this whole girl thing. No one really paid him much attention before now and now he has too much of it! He hasn't talked much to Jocelyn much lately and he feels bad. She told him she thought he would for get about her when he went to junior high and he promised he wouldn't.......but he's just been so busy.........
Tyson knows Ann Marie is pretty ticked because he doesn't share her crazy notion to just pop out another baby. They barely made it through with Cassie and now TJ was also a teen! Besides, they were almost 40 years old! It doesn't make since to just start over now.......
You would think that Cassie had had enough of hopping into hottubs with guys after the whole Payton scandal, but this time her parents are near so she knows to behave herself. She really likes Donte, but at the same time she's still very excited about going to school. He's just too young for her. She let him know that she only wants to be friends and encourages him to date other people. No need pining away for her, she's going after the big fish now!!!
And so the Carmichaels sit down for one of the last meals they will have together as a family before Cassie goes off to college to pursue her education.......well, her education and lots of cute boys!!!!

*I love Laura's skeleton stretching figures! It's so much more realistic and all of my teens don't have to be the same height when they are no where near the same ages! So big thanks to Laura!
*Cassie and a few others will be my first residents to go to Crystal Bay University and I can't wait!!! I'm probably much more excited about it than they are!!!

This is just a really random pic that I caught as the Carmichaels were eating. Yes, this is a grown man having dinner with a teenager and having a conversation about getting married! She looks just as grossed out as I felt when I saw this! Cradle robber!!!!


  1. Ha, well, I'm glad Tosha had the right reaction to the creepy cradle robber! Who is that, a townie?

    I can't believe Cassie is going to college either! Soon enough, it'll be TJ's turn. Are you going to let the Carmichaels try for another baby?

  2. I'm excited about them starting college too! So you are not alone. But then again, I get excited about all teens when they are getting ready to start their college careers.

    As for may/december relationships, I guess I'm different towards them. My Simone Patrelli and her husband Ryker Lewis were like that. He actually started out dating her mother when she opened Cafe Mode. Simone was still a jr. in high school when they started dating. So he's a few years older than her.