Monday, September 21, 2009

That's What You Get

Round 2 - Winter 2023

Tyson and Ann Marie are 36, Cassie is 17, TJ is 11
Narrated by Ann Marie Carmichael
No need to adjust your screen. That is, in fact, my then 16 year old daughter canoodling in the hottub with her dumb ass boyfriend. Yes, I know that isn't language befitting the wife of the mayor, but really I don't know how else to say it. Cassie has disappointed me and Ty so much more than we even though was possible.
These sordid little pictures made their way into this stupid little tabloid magazine. I call it stupid now, but they are the very magazines I enjoyed reading before my family became the topic in one. Cassie's little idiot boyfriend's name is Payton Sneiff. I have no idea why Tyson thought the boy's name was George. Anyway, in true teenager form, Cassie told us that tired story of how they are in love and she's an adult and blah, blah, blah. Turns out she was all in love by herself because once the article hit the stands, Payton saw this as a way to make himself look good and did an in-depth interview for the same magazine......imagine our shock and Cassie's embarrassment. Guess it was unrequited love, huh?
I tried talking to Cassie, tried to reason with her.
" What ever happened to kissing? That's what I used to do and it was nice. I was all excited about my first kiss, and here you are out woohooing with some boy! Why didn't you come to me first, Cassie? I thought we were closer than that. What happened?
"Mom, it was just woohoo. I thought Payton cared about me. I mean we had BEEN kissing and so I figured he wanted to move on to bigger stuff."
"Just woohoo? I'll have you know I made your father wait until we were graduating from college. It's a big thing Cassie, as I'm sure you realize now. You're a teenager. You're going to fall in love every other week with whoever you think is the "cutest" boy at the time. Remember when you had that crush on Angelo DeLorne?" I asked.
"Ugh, mom that was AGES ago! Plus, he's with Carla Harris now."
"Ages ago? Cassie, we've only lived here for about 3 years! You see what I mean? Get outside and get started on the yard work. If your father gets here and it isn't done, he's going to hit the roof!"
Tyson was furious about the whole thing. Cassie thought it was because he was upset that she ruined the name of the mayor. Tyson was really pissed because some young punk had taken advantage of our daughter. But Cassie couldn't see that. Would she really be in college in 2 years? How will she survive on her own when she's so flighty?! As part of her punishment, Cassie was to do all of the yard work until Tyson decided that she could quit. And of course she was not allowed to see Payton anymore. It was going to be a challenge keeping them apart since we were going to be opening Crystal Bay Academy soon. With this year's tax money, we would finally have enough to open it.
There was quite a bit of tension in our house, so for the Christmas break we decided to take the kids to Takezimu Village. Fabio DeLorne came with us too. Apparently his wife Gabriella and their son Angelo and daughter Gina had gone to visit Gabriella's parents for the holidays. Her folks don't really like Fabio too much, so he came with us instead.
I was hoping that Cassie would stop sulking. It was really getting on my nerves! If she had just come to me, this wouldn't have happened. We could have talked about it.......we really did use to be close......I hate this stupid teen stage.....they don't want to be around you anymore....TJ is starting junior high soon and this cycle will start all over again.......
Speaking of TJ, he was the only person Cassie still talked to without attitude. I guess that was good. She could have treated him like crap and then we would have had to punish her even more, which I'm sure would have lead to more arguments......don't you just love teenagers?
I got in a little shopping when we first arrived. They had some really cute jewelry that can only be gotten in Takizimu Village. I also got a couple of souvenirs for TJ. I was was Cassie was too "mature" for little trinkets.
TJ was having a blast. It was the fall of the year there and so there were still a few butterflies still flying about. TJ did his best to catch a few but was unsuccessful......poor little guy!
We all sat down for a family meal, although it was still pretty uncomfortable. The conversation was very strained and I hated it. We all used to have so much fun. Something had to be done about Ms. Cassie and her 'tude......
I knew something had to be done when I overheard her making a wish in the little wishing temple: "Please, let me wake up in the morning and be back with my REAL family......this can't really be it, can it?"We all decided to end our first day with a nice long soak in the hot springs......guess who declined to join us........
She chose to instead sulk in the room and daydream.......hopefully her daydreams were not about more boys.......hopefully she was dreaming of how things use to be before she screwed it up........literally that is......
Tyson could feel my aggravation and was pretty aggravated himself by this time. He just gave me a little kiss and suggested that Cassie and I have a girls day out the next day. He would take TJ and Fabio out with him. It was worth a shot so I agreed. I love my husband! Crystal Bay seems to be having quite a baby boom right now. Fabio just had a little girl, and so did Janet Peterson. And Nickoli Frader and his new wife were expecting twins! See all the pretty babies sometimes made me want another one....then I remembered what they would eventually turn into and changed my mind!
But we still had little TJ.......he'll be a moody teen soon.....but for the moment he's still our little baby.......
The next day Tyson, TJ, and Fabio started the day out with a glass bottom tour of the village. Tyson got the better end of the deal. He gets to hang out with his friend and our little angel while I deal with Satan's mistress.......ok, maybe that's a bit harsh......
I decided to start off with a little food. Cassie didn't want to sit next to me and instead took a chair one seat over, leaving this local girl to fill in the gap between us......yea, we were off to a great start.......
The hot springs started off better and we were both relaxed and comfortable and happy......but what is it that they say about good things not lasting........
"I don't understand what you guys' problem is! It's not like I ended up in jail or something. I just had woohoo with my boyfriend!" she said.
Well that wiped the smile right off my face.......I guess it was time that we had it out once and for all.........
"JUST WOOHOO? If it were just woohoo Cassie, would you be able to get pregnant by it? If it were just woohoo, would you be able to catch a WTD from it? For Simgod's sake Cassie, did you even think of any of those things?"
"It was both of our first times I couldn't catch a WTD. And who gets pregnant their first time?" she asked shrugging her shoulders.
"Cassie, how do you know it was his first time? I mean, other than the fact that he told you that? You can't tell with boys. And it only takes one time to get pregnant from it. Oh Cassie, didn't you think your first time should have been something special? Something for you to cherish? I wish you would have come to me."
"Come to you when? You and dad have been so busy with your careers, you don't have time for me anymore! Or even for TJ! So I made the decision on my own!"
Was she right? Has we been neglecting her? I mean it was true that I had been working hard to get to CEO status at work. And Tyson was busy running the city......was I a bad mother?
"Cassie's outburst really got to me. I went and had a massage and during it, I realized that I had been neglecting her. I don't remember the last time I asked her about how school was going. And we never even made her bring Payton over to meet us. It was true. I guess that's what you get when you get too wrapped up in your work..........
I went and found Cassie and grapped her up in a big hug.
"Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Me and your father were just so wrapped up with work.......I'm sorry I wasn't there for you."
"Mom, it's not completely your fault. I knew what I was doing. And I knew Payton wasn't as nice as he pretended to be. I'm really sorry mom. I guess I messed up the only first time I'll ever have, huh?" she asked.
"Sweetheart, it doesn't matter. As long as you make sure the next guy you give yourself to deserves it, then everything would be ok."
"You really think so mom?"
"I know so baby. Just make sure the next guy is no time soon!" I said laughing. I vowed then and there to make sure to make the time for my kids.
Tyson and TJ played catch out in front of the hotel after they got back from the tour. Fabio was kind of sulking around. I think he really missed his family. All he talked about was how cute little Gina was and how he couldn't believe she was growing so fast.........
TJ had to take time out to call Jocelyn Arnold to let her know how the trip was going. He was really quite fond of her........I wondered if that would change once she was still in elementary school and he was in junior high school.............
Before our last night was over, Tyson talked Fabio into having a little tea ceremony with him and TJ and some random guy at the hotel. When I asked what they talked about, he simply looked at me and said, "Man talk dear. Man Talk." Yea I'm sure..........
Then it was time to head back to the real world. It was a really nice vacation and I got my daughter back. She would soon grow extremely tired of me because I planned for us to spend LOTS of time together.....after all, she would be gone off to CBU in a few short years!
The tax money also allowed us to open up our city hall building. Now I have an office to collect taxes in. On the first floor is a food stand where visits and employees can grad lunch. There is also a conference room and what will be our counselor's office once we obtain one. My office is also on the first floor. On the second floor is the banquet hall that people can rent out for special occassions such as weddings. There is also an office that will house our attorney general (I'm rooting for Nickoli Frader to get this job!). The bathrooms are also on this floors.
We had two new families to move in and I was finally getting a chance to meet them, although it wasn't under the best circumstances. Who wants to talk to the woman taking money out of their pockets?! Dimitri Ivanov and his family moved here from Russia. He opened a questionable bar called D's Place on Crystal Bay Island. Tyson is a little concerned about it, but I think it will be fine. Cassie is friends with his daughter Halinka. You wouldn't know he was married from the way he was flirting with me though......makes me feel a little sorry for his wife! He has to pay 15% just like everyone else!
Ariyo Mikasi was much nicer to deal with than Dimitri. She actually lives behind us in Larrington Heights with her little brother Kuo. They seem to be pretty nice people.......
I tried to talk to Milton Arnold about the robbery that took place at the DeLorne's, but he got on the defensive, claiming that the police were doing everything they could do to get crime down. Who said they weren't? I just thought it would be a good idea to use some of the city's money to make sure each household had a security system installed!
Nickoli Frader is on cloud nine since getting married. He has a goofy smile on his face all the time now! I'm sure that won't last once he has a few sleepless nice once the twins arrive!

*I accidently invited Fabio and didn't realize it until the Carmichael's arrived in Takezimu Village! So I decided maybe he needed a break. Maybe Gabby's parents hate him.........I had to incorporate my Caught! picture in this update. It was just too good not too! I just want to remind everyone that the deadline for pics for SimSational Quarterly is approaching! So get me those business pics or marriage announcements or juciy gossip pics from your hoods asap!


  1. I had to feel bad for Cassie. She's young and naive and even if she had known the pictures would be taken, she probably wouldn't have known it would cause such a stir. I'm glad she and Ann Marie made up though.

    I forgot all about SimSational Quarterly! I could knock something up but am undecided about whether to do a marriage announcement or a business thing. Do you want just pics or do you need text as well? Do you need an actual blurb or just info for you to turn into a blurb?

  2. I forgot about the SimSational Quarterly too, but I'm firing up the game this week, so I'll be sure to turn in stuff this weekend! ^___^

    And Cassie... oooh! Tough lesson to learn. And how creepy! Now she's got a stalker with a camera catching her every move. Poor girl has to be super careful.

  3. Ahhh, I forgot all about the pics for the magazine. I've been so busy in RL. *sighs*

    Cassie is a typical teen. And it's fun and sad how they think something so serious as woohoo is so casual. She will learn, but sometimes they have to live it to learn it.