Sunday, August 2, 2009

Could He Be?

Rotation 1 - March 2021

Sam and Tina are 27, Michael is 8
Narrated by Tina Leary

Sam has really been working hard in his garden. It's actually coming along pretty nice and I think that he will actually be able to make this whole farming thing work. He's had his eye on this cute little farm house down the road from where we are now. I think we're going to have to just take out a loan. Sam talked to Ann Marie Carmichael about the city funding the farm, but I think I would rather we just take out a loan, pay it off, and have the land to pass down to Michael and any other kids we may have.

I really hate this stupid blogging job and I have really been considering teaching. There really is no reason for me not to. And Crystal Bay is looking for someone to run CB Academy and I would be great at that. It'd be extra money for us. I don't know.......
Michael is doing very well in school and I am VERY happy about that. Middleton isn't the most prestigious area of Crystal Bay and I was worried the other kids might pick on him. But Michael has always been a very charismatic young man. He'll be fine.......
He has a great love for the outdoors and has started helping Sam with the garden. I am so glad he's taken an interest in it. That's just more of a reason for us to buy that farm house and land. Michael can take over when we get to be too old to run it.
He helps his father with the garden and still manages to do excellent work in school! Michael really is an amazing little boy. I've been thinking about having another baby lately, but I haven't said anything to Sam because I know we can't really afford it at the moment. Maybe one day before I get too old......
Michael loves all things nature related and we sometimes have to call him in at night. He'll stay outside trying to catch fireflies all night if we let him!
He really has been just a great help to Sam. I'm not really big on digging around in the dirt myself, so it's a relief that Mike and Sam share that trait. Because Sim knows I wouldn't be happy if I had to pick up the slack around here!!
Sometimes when Michael goes to bed, Sam and I sit around downstair and cuddle up. We use to do that all the time before Michael was born, and after that, we just didn't have the time or the privacy to do it anymore. Despite that, I still want another baby......maybe a little girl......
Of course, I still can't tell Sam how I feel, but there's no harm in practicing until we can have one!!!

* I have to say that the Learys are my favorite family right now! They're all just so cute! Michael and Sam have the PDH of nature, so they both roll wants for mostly outdoor related things. Tina is really anxious to have another baby! It's a permanent want of hers!!


  1. LOL at them practicing on the couch ;)

    This is a really cute family!

  2. I hope they can have another baby. Michael is really cute and it would be nice for him to have a sibling.

  3. Sullivan - I was trying to let you catch up before I commented! Thank you for even taking out the time to catch up! I almost cried when my game crashed, but I just saw it as an opportunity to start a neighborhood from scratch. I'm getting an alienware laptop soon (I am SO excited) so the game should run much smoother but I've been backing it up regularly! I hope you enjoyed your trip and I can't wait to begin reading up on Sullivan again!!!