Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tax Day!

Rotation 1 - February 2021

Tyson and Ann Marie are 33, Cassie is 14, and TJ is 8
Narrated by Ann Marie Carmichael

TJ has been doing EXTREMELY well in school lately, and me and Tyson are so proud! We were worried that he would be upset about changing schools, but he seems to be ok with it so far. He's even making new friends. We hope to find someone to begin teaching at Crystal Bay Academy so that we can open it up. Hopefully that will be resolved by the time the school year starts for 2022.
Cassie is also doing well, but I have been overhearing her have conversations with her little friends that really concern me! She's only 14, she shouldn't even be THINKING about woohoo, and definitely not TALKING about it! I guess I'm going to have to have that talk with her......ugh......
Gabriella DeLorne and I have become really good friends, and we try to have lunch together at least once a week. She's a really nice woman, albeit a bit snooty. Her husband is in entertainment and is the son of the world famous Dean DeLorne. They aren't living in a mansion yet, but she feels they are well on their way to it. She's working as a nurse right now at a nearby hospital. I've been talking to her about running a medical clinic for the city once we get the funds. And of course once she gains a little more experience.
We talk about our family more than we do business, but I am the wife of the mayor so business is going to come up! Tyson and I have been talking about taking the kids on a small vacation. There are boardwalks here but no true beaches and we were thinking of taking them to Twikki Island so they could get in some beach time. Gabriella wants to go on vacation as well and we may make it a joint trip with both families. Her son Angelo and Cassie are about the same age so it should be fun.
Neither of us really miss living in the large cities and are happy with our decision to move. Gabriella is a bit younger than I am and really wants to have another baby. She thinks it will be easier raising a child where it's a bit more quiet and peaceful. I don't know if I want another baby. I love Cassie and TJ, but I'm in my 30's now and I'm really busy with work. Tyson and I barely have time to even snuggle up, let alone what it would take to make a baby!
It was soon time to collect the first round of taxes from the citizens of Crystal Bay. They were all pretty nice about the whole thing and were excited about building revenue so that we could construct some new buildings. I will be glad when I get an office to do this in so I won't have all these people running through our house! Janet Peterson was really pushing for more entertainment venues. Maybe a theater or civic center where we could have city events.
Milton Arnold works in security and is concerned about crime in the city. So far, things have been peaceful, but Milton was concerned that we wouldn't be ready once things weren't so peaceful anymore! It was something to consider......
Nickoli Frader was interested in setting up legal services for the city. While it was a good idea, there really was no need for it at the time. I think Nickoli was pushing for a job as attorney general. He's only clerking at a law firm right now anyway. Maybe by the time legal services are required, he'll be in a better position to service the city.
Fabio DeLorne was the only citizen without a request. He just wanted to compliment Tyson and I on doing a good job so far and to talk about the vacation plans his wife and I were making. It was refreshing after hearing nothing but requests! This is probably why Tyson stuck me with the job of collecting the tax money!
Local farmer Sam Leary actually had a very interesting proposition. He and his family were eying a place in Middleton that had a larger area for farming and a small store attached to it. He was wondering if we would be able to loan him the money to get the farm land if he would agree to pay a percentage of the profits from the market he planned to start, back to the city.
I told him that I only collected the taxes and that I would have to talk that over with Tyson. I really wanted to help him out, but I don't think he was thinking clearly. If he always had to pay a percentage back to the city, then whoever inherited his house would take on the responsiblity as well. And if he didn't have an heir, then the farm would go back to the city and be lost to his family forever. Unless someone earned the money to buy it back. It was something to consider. A farmer's market would be nice to have and I know I would love to be able to buy farm fresh produce. I don't think it should be city owned though.........maybe we could come up with something to help them out...... At the end of the long and tedious tax day, we collected a nice $83,000. We just have to decide which project to begin first.........

* The taxes are broken down as about $41000 from the playables that was then doubled to account for townies and NPCs. I really want Sam and his family to buy the farm and I'm trying to come up with ways that won't make them be in debit for the rest of their lives!!! The first tax day was very successful and as the population grows, hopefully so will the revenue!!!

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  1. I like the idea of having an actual mayor and using city funds for projects to improve the hood. I've never sat down and worked anything out like this for Sullivan though.