Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Can Feel the Pressure

Rotation 1 - May 2021
Fabio and Gabriella are 28, Angelo is 14
Narrated By Gabriella DeLorne

I've been promoted to nurse and I am loving my job! Things are working out so well and I couldn't be happier! Mayor Carmichael has expressed his interest in me running the Crystal Bay Clinic once I get a bit more experience and I can't wait!
Angelo is settling very nicely into the new town and is even making new friends. So many new friends that I'm afraid his school work is going to suffer because of it. He's a really smart boy, but he is a bit lazy when it comes to his work. He is very interested in music and puts most of his energy into that. It's that damn DeLorne entertainment gene. They all want to be big stars!
Fabio has been hard at work creating a blog documenting his "rise to fame." It's been a little hard living with him lately. He is so determined to become famous without the help of his father that he is shutting out every other part of his life. It's getting a bit annoying because it means that he's shutting Angelo and me out as well.
And Angelo needs a firm talk from his father right now. But how can Fabio talk to him without sounding like a hypocrite? They're both so focused on the wrong things. Angelo is very talented musically, but he fails to realize that he needs to at LEAST finish high school. I had dreams of him attending college, but right now, I don't know if that will happen. It's a struggle getting him out of high school!
I finally talk Fabio into having a talk with him and he decided that they would bond while doing the yard work. That was a fight in itself because Fabio thinks that people of our stature should have a gardener. It's a nice idea, but we don't have the money! He's working at a little comedy club downtown and he isn't making very much money. And the money I make goes toward paying the bills!
Angelo promises that he will start working harder in school. I hope he actually lives up to the promise. He could go so far in life if he applied himself more! Fabio left him in charge of raking up leaves so that he could go work on his blog some more. Hi pot, meet kettle!
I guess Fabio left Angelo alone too fast because he had te bright idea to burn the leaves right next to my rose bush, which of course caught on fire! The fire department had to come and put the fire out! Ugh, these men are going to be the death of me!
The next morning, Fabio and I had yet another fight over money.
"Gabby, you're always complaining about money and how we need to pay the bills and can't afford any luxuries! We are not that strapped for cash! You make it seem like I'm not contributing at all!" he said.
"Oh, for Sim's sake Fabio, I never said any such thing. I just think that we should be saving our money instead of hiring maids and butlers. We are capable of cleaning up after ourselves! And Angelo is getting older, what happens if he wants to go to college? We need to save up for that as well!" I said.
"Whatever Gabby. When we were living in the city, you were shopping every day when we were living off of my dad!"
"That's what this is, isn't it? Fabio you aren't your father. You shouldn't want to be. Fabio DeLorne is a great man all on his own and you don't need to try to compete with Dean. Honey, you have to let that go."
"Whatever," he said getting up and walking away.
I never thought money would be something that we would fight over. He's right, I was spending alot of money before we moved. But we could afford it then. When Fabio decided to cut himself off from his father, our finances changed and so I adjusted. But Fabio doesn't seem to be able to......
He came up stairs later and apologized for his behavior. I love him, I really do, but I don't know how much longer I can take his freaking mood swings. I hope his star begins rising soon. I don't know how much more of this our marriage can take.......

*Fabio and Gabriella are both fortune sims, but Gabriella's wants are more for her getting skill points for promotion. Fabio just wants to buy stuff all the time! And most of their bad conversations really are about money sadly!


  1. Yikes. I suppose two fortune sims should definitely not talk about money. Just doesn't seem a like a good idea after seeing these two go at it.

  2. So it seems like making money is a goal for both of them but Gabriella is much more realistic with what she wants to do with it. It's funny how two Sims of the same aspiration can still want such different things.

  3. Yea, it's funny how they are so different! All he ever wants to do buy crap that they can't afford, it's ridiculous, and it makes his aspiration meter low because he can't do any of his wants!

  4. It seems Gabriella has her head in the right spot but her husband and son, not so much.

    It's funny how some fortune sims focus on skilling for promotions and others just want to spend money... that they don't have. LOL

    Hope they are able to work things out and not fight so much over money.