Friday, August 21, 2009

A Day in the Life

Rotation 1 - August 2021
Tyson and Ann Marie are 34, Cassie is 15, and TJ is 9

Narrated by Cassie Carmichael

My mom has been getting more and more promotions at work and we're all really proud of her. She worries sometimes about working and not spending time with me and TJ, but she's always home when we get home from school and she even helps us with our homework sometimes. We've been in Crystal Bay for a full year now and I guess it's ok. I mean there aren't really that many people around and it can be alittle boring. I'm sure that will change as it grows, but c'mon, I'm a teenager NOW! I won't care in 30 years!
Mom hasn't really been getting along very well with her co-workers. I think maybe they're jealous that she's doing so well. My mom isn't the kind of woman to let people talk to her any kind of way. Is she always mature about it? No. But I think she gets her point across! I think TJ is really liking it here. I think it has more to do with him and his little girlfriend than it does being happy with Crystal Springs. He and Jocelyn Arnold have been hanging out all the time. I think it's kinda sweet. TJ is like 3 years older than her, but she's a very advanced little girl! You would never know she was only 6 years old! He's doing really well in school. I think he's going to be some kind of scientist or something really smart like that.......
And me? Well I'm just trying not to die of boredom in this slow city. Or town. Or whatever. It wouldn't be so bad if there were cute guys! I mean really! There is this one guy in my class that I think is really cute, but Angelo DeLorne is one of those moody music types. So aside from him being the cutest thing in Crystal Bay, we really don't have much in common!
Mom tries to have what she calls "mother-daughter bonding" with me. It mostly consists of us sitting down and playing a game of chess. Exciting right? She's been talking about us taking a vacation with the DeLornes for months, but it hasn't happened yet. Both mom and dad are busy with work, as are Mr. and Mrs. DeLorne. I was so happy at the idea of going on a trip with Angelo, but like I said, we really have nothing in common. But our moms have become really good friends in the year that we've been here.
She talks alot about her promotions and I can tell she's really proud of them. She works her regular job and also helps dad out with the financial stuff for the city. They're even talking about using the tax money we collected this year either for a city hall building or medical clinic. The medical clinic would be most important, but the city hall would mean that my parents wouldn't have to do city business out of our house. It's gets pretty crowded around here during tax time!
I decide to head down to the Mermaid Skating Arena and check to see if there were any other kids hanging out. And of course, there wasn't! Ugh, I can't wait to go to college. At least then I will be around lots of people my own age. Preferably lots of cute guys! Hmmmmmm, the cashier is kinda cute.....
Of course he wasn't interested......he is a LITTLE older than me......but I'm very mature for my age! I have to be to be the daughter of the Mayor! So far it hasn't been too bad. No one has expected too much out of me just because of who my dad is. Although people do ask if I plan to go into politics. That's a definite NO! My main passion in life is fashion. My dream is to open up my own shop one day. So my college major will probably be business just so I know how to run a business the right way. I'm not really into all that other stuff. Actually, school pretty much bores me to death!
I come home and hear TJ playing with his toys in his room. Our rooms are right next door to each other. I never really minded having a little brother. TJ is pretty cool. I think my mom wanted more kids, but I doubt that will happen now with as busy as her and dad are. I don't really want them to have any more kids. I think TJ and me are enough!!!
My only solace in this whole situation is that I can still chat online with my friends back in Simcity. I just hope things get better soon. I'm young, I need some fun in my life! And a cute guy!!!!

*Cassie has max interest in fashion so my goal is to help her start saving up some money so that she can afford to open a store one day. Her aspiration is pleasure so she constantly wants to hang out and go places! Ann Marie got promoted like 3 days in a row. After that, all she wanted to talk about were the promotions and talking a vacation! I guess after 3 promotions she deserves one huh?! I have the "no friends for promotions" hack installed because it's always pissed me off that they have to have like 10 friends to get promoted! It's good to network and get to know people in real life, but it's very possible to be successful at work without having to have a billion friends outside of it! They still have to skill and all that but the friend requirement is non-existent! I'm still working on picture size.....what is a good size for the pictures? These are too big but the ones that I get with the blogger pic app are too small! What size do you use?


  1. Poor Cassie! It sounds like she could be having a lot of fun if only there were some more teens to have fun with!

    As for pictures, I upload mine to Photobucket and resize them in Blogger to approximately 425 x 319. The pics in my profiles are a little smaller but it's probably not noticeable to most people.

  2. Did you create the town templete yourself? And remove all the townies? 'Cause there should be some teens around for her. Poor Cassie. And the only cute guy is a little emo. LOL

    As for pictures. Like Sullivan I use photobucket. My setting is 453 x 383. I'm happy with that size. :) You just have to work with it and find what you like best.

    The slowest part about updating though, it loading the pics 5 at a time into bloggers pic casa for them to be updated into the blog from photobucket.

  3. I'm very bad about pic size. Recently, I noticed an issue with compression when using picasa/Blogger, so right now I shoot for pictures that are 500 x 500 and under 50kb so that the compression isn't too noticeable. I might have to take the suggested size of Sullivan and Riverdale though.

    For the teens, I just shared this tip with someone on a forum-- if you use the visitor controller from Simbology to set a lot to only allow teens, then use the Customer Limit Adjuster from Sim Wardrobe to set the amount of visitors to the lot, you can get a lot of teens coming to visit. I'm going to do that for a couple of lots so the kids are sure to meet teens when they head out.

  4. Sullivan - Thanks for the advice! I will definitely try that out! And yes, Cassie is having some bad luck, but things are going to turn around.

    Riverdale - yes it's a clean template with no townies, other than the ones I created myself. There's teens, they just never show up when Cassie goes downtown

    Lunar - that's a good idea about the controller. I will have to try that. It's so hard to meet people on community lots! Even the adults have problems!

  5. Aw, poor Cassie. I hope she can find out where all the teens are hanging out and make some friends (and meet cute boys, LOL!).

    I resize my pictures to 500 pixels wide. I'm not stuck on any one height size, just whatever it ends up being after I resize the width to 500. This size seems to work okay for me. :)