Monday, August 24, 2009

Losing My Touch?

Rotation 1 - October 2021

Janet is 25

I finally did it! I got my place by the beach! It's not a beachfront property because I didn't have the money for it, but it's as close to the water as I could afford! Ah, the life of the bachelorette! This is going to be so freaking sweet! I've been kinda bummed lately because my little romance with Brandon Lillard came to an abrupt end. Seems Brandon bats for both teams.........I'm willing to share, but that was just a bit outside of my realm!

But when one door closes........... I met Andrew Langerak at the arcade downtown......he's a cutie isn't he? I didn't even know they had sexy men like this in Crystal Bay! That strong jaw and those piercing blue eyes are just too much! He has women all over Crystal Bay drooling over him! But of course, it's up to me to tame him!

He has dreams of moving to the big city. I didn't want to crush his dreams by telling him that he probably won't be able to move to the city on a bartender's salary. He's all solomon and serious and he's really not my usual type.......but hell, he's gorgeous!

I don't think he approves of my little bachelorette pad......what did he expect? I mean, if a woman picks a man up in a bar, chances are she isn't going to be little susie homemaker. He's lucky that he's so sexy. I would normally have an issue with someone judging my lifestyle.......but he gets a free pass!

"Look, I know we got off to a rough start, but how about a little truce? I mean we're both here, almost naked in my bed. Don't you think there are better things to do besides fighting about where I live?" I asked him later.

"It's nothing personal Janet. It's just that you seem a little flighty. Contrary to what you may think, I don't just jump into bed with every woman I see. I came back with you because I thought you had some depth. But it just seems that you're a really shallow person."

Talk about a mood ruiner. After his little comment, it was obvious that things weren't going to progress very far with us. I told him what I thought of his opinion and he hopped out of the bed in a huff.......such a waste.........

I get the distinct feeling that Drew doesn't really like me. Well the feeling is mutual. Judgemental jerk! Well so much for my luck changing. After that fiasco, I asked Drew to leave and told him to never call me again. He smartly replied, "No problem," and left my house.
I decided to fix myself a nice fruit salad to take my mind off of the date from hell. I don't understand why I'm having so much trouble. I'm a good looking woman! What is these men's problem? Drew called me and apologized and asked me to meet him on Crystal Bay Island at the Pink Flamingo. I didn't have anything better to do, so why not? I believe in second chances.....
Of course, it wouldn't hurt to show Drew exactly what it was he's missing out on. So I put on my guaranteed to knock 'em dead outfit and strutted out to the awaiting cab, convinced that I could turn this entire bad day around with a few quick swishes of my hips!
The Pink Flamingo is a nice little spot on the island. Too bad it's next door to a shady pool hall. I bet you can never guess what Drew wanted to do first. I mean who apologizes to someone by taking them to a place where they could possibly get mugged?
Drew was a horrible date. I mean just terrible. He wasn't very interested in the game, even though playing pool was his idea. I just don't get him. I don't know what his deal is. After technically playing the game all by myself, I told Drew I was hungry and that we should go out to get something to eat.
We go next door and eat in the little restaurant on the bottom floor of the Pink Flamingo. This is where I finally accepted that no matter how sexy he is, Drew was just not the trouble.
"No offense Janet. I mean you're sexy as all get out. But it's like you're oil and I'm water. We just don't mix," he said.
Why do I have to be the dirty oil and he the pure water?
After Drew, I had a whole slew of failures, including Amin Sims. Am I coming on too strong? Is it my fault? Does my breathe all of a sudden smell bad? What is it about me that seems to repel all available men? If they aren't repelled, then they want a lifetime commitment. Sheesh, what happened to the middle ground? That nice gray area?
Then I met Sinjin Couderc. He's a cute guy looking for a nice time who is completely unattached. It's great! He just walked by my house one day and I ran out to greet him. Couldn't let a man like that just walk on by!
All of my flirting that had been previously unsuccessful worked wonders on Sinjin. FINALLY! I'm back in the game after all!
After he assured me that he was interested in only women, it was full steam ahead. The perfect house, the perfect is good!!!!

*I plan to do a post on my addition to Crystal Bay - Crystal Bay Island. It's my custom made downtown area. Janet is a riot to play. It was hilarious to see her be so unlucky with her male companions. But there are still a few surprises in store for poor Janet. I'm going to try to catch the blog up more closely with where I am in game. I'm already on rotation 2 and so much has happened that I want to share!


  1. Janet is so pretty and feisty. I love her. Great skin tones.

  2. Thanks. My default skintones can be found here:
    And yes, Janet is a hoot to play. Her facial expressions are the best!

  3. LOL, poor Janet! I was beginning to think maybe she should try going after women for a while. ;) But finally she found someone who might be looking for the same thing she is!

  4. Janet is a fun character. Feisty is a perfect description!

  5. Shana - I thought about letting her have a try at some women but before the thought could fully form, Sinjin came along and made it unnecessary!

    Lunar - Fiesty is the BEST way to describe Janet's personality!

  6. Janet is so much fun to read about! I'm glad she got rid of that Drew loser - she doesn't need someone so judgemental in her life!

    Looking forward to seeing your downtown area too!