Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So I've Been Thinking........

I was publishing a little newsletter for my legacy family called SimSational Monthly. Seeing as how my legacy family bit the dust, I'm thinking of continuing the newsletter but including information from Crystal Bay. I would also be interested in featuring sims and events from other neighborhoods. I love photoshopping and editing and this is just my way to get my fix! Would any of you be interested? I would have to change it from a monthly newsletter to a quarterly one because of the added coverage I would be doing, but I would be very interested in trying it. For those of you who haven't seen my newsletter, here it is (best viewed full screen):

So what do you think? Any takers?


  1. I loved the mag that you were putting out. Pleas continue to do so! I'm about to do another SimNations Next Top Model. That's my fix. LOL If you want you can submit a female human sim between the ages of 18 - 25 to me at: riverdalehood AT Include the city she's from, her age, a head shot and profile shot. No make up. On a nutral background. If she's accepted further instructions will be given!

  2. I only saw one issue of your newsletter (did you link to it in your blog every issue? I only noticed it once) but I really liked it. If it's something you're willing to continue, I would definitely be interested in reading it!

  3. You know Apple Valley wants in on this offer!

  4. I think that's awesome. It looks really good. I would love to read it too. The faux ads for sim stores are always amusing to me. Definitely, I'd love to read it. If I can (and I'm not being lazy) I'd love to try contributing a fake ad or two.

  5. Simmington Hills will take you up on this offer! This is great! I think your work is just fabulous!

  6. Riverdale - That sounds like alot of fun and definitely something that Janet would want to try out!

    Sullivan - It was never really work, it's something I really enjoy putting together. I didn't link every issue but they can be viewed from the issuu site.

    Apple Valley - Can't wait to work with you!

    Lunar - I would love to include some of your ads!

    Simmington Hills - Thanks for the compliment and I look foward to adding some of your content!

    Ohhhh, new project! Ok, so since I will be doing this on a larger scale, it will no longer be SimSational Monthly, but will be SimSational Quarterly. I think once every 3 months will give me plenty of time to get it together and plenty of time for interesting things to happen in all of our hoods that we want to include. I have to figure out the best way to break up the months and welcome any feedback or suggestions on the best way to proceed!

  7. I think quarterly is perfect. What size would should the pictures be? Will you post some guidelines? What format should the pics be in?

  8. Yay, ok deadline was yesterday. LOL But if Janet wants to enter I can give you until Sunday to send me her stuff! I'm still building the house.

    As for the mag. I think it being quarterly is good. What are the guidelines for pictures and artical topics? Let me know!

  9. That is really neat! Such a creative idea!

    I'd definitely be interested in hearing more about what you're looking for. I don't know if anything I have would be appropriate, but I could at least do a business ad :)