Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Settling In

Rotation 1 - June 2021
Milton is 33 and Jocelyn is 4
Narrated by Milton Arnold
Things have become pretty routine around our house. And that's just fine by me! Joy caused so much chaos when she was around that it's actually refreshing to have a break from it all! In the mornings, I head off to my job at the police station and Joci goes to pre-k. I'm so glad that my work schedule allows me to leave and arrive home at the same time as her. I don't have to have some nanny around all the time.
Joci loves school and is really doing very well. She's making lots of friends and seems to be really happy. And of course that makes me happy!
My evenings are spent working out in front of the television. Gotta stay in shape to catch those bad guys! It would be nice to have some female companionship, but I don't want to rush into anything. I have Jocelyn to consider........
She loves painting and will stay in her room all day painting if I let her! But I encourage her to get out and play on the days that she doesn't have school. I want her to be a well-balanced child.
She has become really good friends with Mayor Carmichael's son, TJ. He's a few years older than Jocelyn so I don't know how long this friendship will last once he becomes a teen. I'm not sure I WANT it to last past him becoming a teen! Teenage boys are nothing but trouble!
She's also made some other friends in her pre-K class and many days they all sit around outside have conversations about childish things. I'm glad that she adjusted so well to the separation. I was really very worried that she would hate me for taking her away from the city she had known all of her life.
I sit and watch her sometimes, marveling at how much she looks like her mother. It's amazing. I just hope she doesn't act like her too! But so far, Jocelyn is a sweet, kind little girl with a heart of gold. And maybe living with me will help her maintain that sweet heart. Who knows.......
Yes, her and the Carmichael kid are really close. I don't think I like that very much.....but they're kids and I have to remind myself to turn my dad switch least for now anyway.......
I met this really wonderful woman named Aundrea Coleman. She's a student at CBU and I know what you're thinking......I'm a cradle-robber. But I'm really not. Aundrea is just a really fun girl who makes me feel good. And she even wants to meet Jocelyn which is a plus in my book!
I don't think the meeting went too well. Aundrea has obviously not talked to many four-year olds. The effects of pollution on the environment aren't exactly things that concern Jocelyn! But hey, she's cute what can I say?
After Joci goes to bed, it's alone time with Drea! I know she's too young for me and that this will probably not last very long, but a man has needs! I can't be a hermit, you know! I'm not going to parade a bunch of women in and out of here, but I just really needed this......
And Drea was more than willing to oblige me! She really is a sweet girl. But she is in fact a girl and she likes to do girlish things. That part of my life is my little affair with Miss Aundrea Coleman was very short lived, but was a hell of a lot of fun while it lasted!
At the end of the day, the only female I absolutely NEED in my life is Jocelyn Arnold......everyone else is expendable!!!
* It's IMPOSSIBLE to find this guy someone he likes! Aundrea and he only had 1 bolt of attraction. But old Milton grew tired of being celibate because he was my first sim to use the "booty call" feature that comes with ACR! He just couldn't hold out any longer, poor guy! I may have to help him out on the love front!


  1. ROFL I wish my sims would use the booty call option. I have to pull ACR out of their inventory and have them preform the action. That's how Jamie got pregnant with her twins by Brian. It was a booty call. He was supposed to be the rebound guy after her devorce, not knocking her up!

    Milton will find someone. Maybe he's not ready for commitment just yet. Love will find him soon enough!

  2. I remembered reading that in the readme for ACR but I had never saw it in action until he picked up the phone and I strolled over the icon and saw "booty call". Well thankfully, Milton can't get pregnant by it! And yea maybe he isn't ready. His daughter is still pretty young so maybe it won't hurt him to wait alittle......can't wait to see who he booty calls next though when his hours count down!!!!

  3. Poor Milton. At least he had some fun with Aundrea and he seems happy with Joci anyway.

  4. LOL! I remember the first time I witnessed a booty call. It was confusing at first.

    Joci is such a cute kid. It's nice to see a lot of pics of her doing a lot of kid activities that don't include homework. XD

  5. Sullivan - Yea I feel bad for him but hopefully he will met a nice woman soon!

    Lunar - The booty call is hilarious! I couldn't believe he did it! And I like to give the kids time to be just that - kids!

  6. I have never seen the booty call option in my game. That is so cool though.

    Maybe Milton needs to play the field a little more before he is ready to settle. down.

  7. It's hard to play the field when he has to watch Joci and I just really hate leaving her with those weird nannies......they suck so bad most of the time! The booty call is hilarious, he went outside and waited for her to come and everything!!

  8. Aw, I hope Milton finds someone he really likes soon. Joci will probably hope he has someone to occupy his time when she's older so her dad won't be hovering around keeping an eye on her! ;) LOL, the booty calls are funny with the way the Sim goes and stands by the mailbox waiting.

  9. He must have a rough dating life as the single father of a four year-old. Did he meet Drea online? That's probably a pretty good option for him for meeting people, being somewhat housebound. How fun, I totally have to have one of my Sims do some online dating :)

    Joci is adorable. Her mother must have been really pretty. Did she have an actual mother in CAS, or did you just create her from scratch?

  10. Laura - Joci did have a mom in CAS but I deleted her after creating Joci. And that's how he med Drea, online. He doesn't really have time to go out and meet people because of Jocelyn. And I just hate to leave her with those irresponsible nannies!