Monday, August 31, 2009

SimSational Quarterly

So I figure I should begin working on the first issue of SimSational Quarterly. I think a good theme for this issue would be sim-owned businesses. I'm not sure how many of you are interested in contributing to this so as of right now I will say the limit is 2 businesses per hood. As for guidelines for submission, if you would like to create the layout for your entry yourself, the final picture needs to be 8x11. The same goes for any advertisements that you might want to include. I would be more that happy to help with the layout if you wanted to just send me the pictures you want to include along with a bio of the sim and the business. You can email me the photos and the bio, I'll create a layout and send it back to you for approval. So here are the official details:

1. Layout needs to be 8x11
2. Layout needs to include at least one picture of the business and the sim that owns it.
3. Layout needs to have a short bio of the sim and the business (i.e. how they started the business, the type business it is, etc.)
4. Layout can be more than one page. Say you wanted to have the pics on one page and the write up on another. That would be fine and probably would look better than crowding it all on one page.
5. I use Adobe Photoshop 7 so the format would need to be something readable in photoshop (.jpg, .bmp, etc.)
6. Be sure to include which hood the business is located in.

Advertisements can be on anything, they don't have to be hood related. I'm putting in an add for Cover Sim make up! They still need to follow the sizing guidelines. Send all submissions to :

Again I would be glad to help anyone who isn't photoshop savvy but who still wants to contribute pics. Just let me know! I love doing this so it's no problem at all. May take me a bit of time with school and work. But that's why I'm starting on this so early. This issue will include Thanksgiving and Christmas as well if you wanted to contribute anything along those lines. This is the pilot issue so this is where we will begin to shape the way the issues will be. I also thought about having a section called "Caught!" with scandalous, juicy gossip and pics from the hoods as well. So what do you think? Is there anything that should be added? Taken away? Let me know! And you can start submitting pics today!

*I'm such a boob! The deadline will be Oct. 5. It's a Monday so that gives a weekend to work on the finishing touches. I also wanted to add Laura's great idea for an announcements section. Engagements, weddings, graduates, etc. I may consider doing baby announcements later, but right now I think it would be too huge with the number of babies between all the hoods! For those of you who have mayors and elections for different positions, that could also go in the announcements section. Feel free to toss out any ideas you might have, I want this to be something that we all enjoy doing and reading!


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun! :)

    How about deadlines? Like when do you need all submissions in by?

    And I had an idea you can take or throw away if you want: how about an announcements section? It could be simple text maybe, or with small thumbnail images. Like engagements, marriages, graduations, or obituaries maybe... I would say babies born too, but that would probably get too huge ;)

    I like your idea for a gossip section! I'm going to try to dig up some gossip :)

  2. Laura - Duh, I guess you guys would need a deadline huh? lol.....Let's see, this will be a quarterly thing so that means it will cover 3 months....this one will cover Oct. Nov. and Dec. Because most of us play with your rotation system, it wouldn't be hard at all to have Christmas photos early as we go through seasons differently. With all that being said, I'm looking to have it done by November (the middle month) so the deadline would be the beginning of Oct. I'll put the official date in the post. I love your idea about an announcement section! Babies might be a bit too much, but the engagements and marriages and stuff like that would be a great idea! (runs off to add all of this to the post!)

  3. I think this sounds really fun! I'm really looking forward to reading what you come up with.

    I'm going to have a look at my businesses and see if I can rustle up something to submit.

  4. I LOVE Laura's idea addition. Are birthdays maybe ok? Like those messages that parents or family can buy for someone's birthday that says, "Happy Birthday, ____! We love you!"

    October 5th, I am sure that I can do that.

  5. Lunar Fox - YES! I love that idea! Those could be small enough so that they wouldn't be overwhelming.....Cute idea!

  6. Oh cool. Cause I have at least one sim who's cute and her parents would totally do that to her. XD