Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So Embarrassing........

Rotation 1- November 2021

Fabio and Gabriella are 29, Angelo is 15
Narrated by Angelo DeLorne

My parents are such spazzes. I mean it's almost embarrassing to admit that they are indeed my parents! The DeLorne name was made cool by my grandfather. Now my dad is on a mission to screw it all up! Ok, maybe I'm being a little harsh. They're just so weird! And they think I'm weird, which I don't get. I think I'm a pretty average 15 year old boy. It's like living in a circus around here......speaking of circuses.....
Yes, sadly that is my father. He's working as a birthday party clown.....A BIRTHDAY PARTY CLOWN! I mean really. I know nonno did some shady things, but he could have really helped dad with his career if he hadn't gone off all half-cocked and moved us away from the family. Now he's walking around in this, arguing with my mom about money. Ugh.......
My mom is also a spaz......just not as much as my dad. She's doing really well with her nursing job and in all honesty, is the bread winner for our family. I can't wait to go to college and escape this craziness. At least it's just me......would be terrible if I had brothers and sisters that had to suffer through this as well! My mom isn't the best cook in the world. Actually, that was one of the main reason's she and my nonna didn't get along. That and the fact that she isn't fully italian. But she tries her best......
Sometimes her best just isn't enough! Me and dad try to tell her that she doesn't have to cook, we don't mind eating out. But I think she feels guilty about not feeding us nutritional meals every day.....but I would rather eat junk than be burned alive!
She finally conceded and ordered a pizza after the fire. I love my mom and dad. They just are two of the craziest people I know. I couldn't see them with anyone else......I mean who else could put up with either of them?!
I woke up one night and heard this strange noise. So I called the police. Turns out there was a robber in our house! The police came and there was a fight! I thought this place was suppose to be a wonderful place to live? It's boring and now we're getting buglarized in the middle of the night!
The cop won and took the crook off to jail. My dad said he was going to talk to Mayor Carmichael about the need for better police patrol. Dad and mom are really good friends with the Carmichaels. Their daughter Cassie is the same age as me. I think she may have had a little crush on me.......but she's really not my type.......
What is my type? Carla Harris. Carla is one of the coolest chicks I think I have ever met. She loves music just like I do and I can talk to her for hours about almost anything. And come on, how many 15 year olds do you know with piercings? She's just a really great girl.....
And I chased her for months! I mean I haven't really caught her officially yet, but I'm working on it! Maybe some of the good DeLorne charm will kick in soon........I hope so.......cause I can totally see me with her......totally.......

*Angelo is fun to play. I created Carla just for him since it's a bit hard to find other teens in my hood. Maybe it will be like in real life - you know, when you're single, it's almost impossible to find anyone and once you're attached, well then everyone wants you! He really has such indifference towards his parents! And he has a love for music.....maybe he and Carla can start a band together......


  1. Carla is a serious cutie! But then, I totally love freckles and red hair.

  2. Aw, Carla is cute! I hope Angelo can win her over. :)

    And seeing your dad dressed as a clown has to be so embarrassing!

  3. Lunar - I saw that skin and loved it! I had seen sims with freckles before and always wanted some, but my old laptop couldn't handle too many custom skins....problem resolved!

    Shana - He's working pretty hard! I think he's doing a good job, he gets calls from her so we'll see what happens......I agree with you about the clown! Thank goodness he's been promoted since that picture was taken!

  4. I'm not just saying this because Carla is my name (well, maybe it's a little bit because of that!) but Carla is seriously awesome! I really think Angelo should get something going with her! They look like they'd be fun together.

    Can I ask where you got her piercings? I hate that Maxis didn't enable facial piercings for teens!

  5. Sullivan - I love how Carla turned out! She's one of the best sims I ever made......I always wanted teen piercings too. Temptess at Mod the Sims has a few sets that teens can wear. Here's a link to Carla's:

    Hope this helps!