Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mini-Update - Arnold

Rotation 1 - December 2021

Milton is 34, Jocelyn is 5


Not much happened this time in the Arnold household. Jocelyn is becoming a very popular kid! The phone rings all the time for her and she's not even a teen yet! Most of the time it's TJ Carmichael, who I'm guessing is pretty much her bestfriend in Crystal Bay.
They have a nice little nest egg stashed away and to save money, Milton does all of the yardwork. It's cheaper than hiring one of those gardeners! He doesn't enjoy it but he doesn't hate it either. I think he realizes that is a neccessary evil so he doesn't give me any flack about it!
He's still striking out with the women sadly. It's pretty interesting, this internet dating. You're limited to only those few people who are online and the time and you don't know what they look like until after you start a conversation and they are in your people you know panel. It's tough being a single dad!
But he also meets women when he goes out to run errands on his off days when Jocelyn is in school. I figure between these two methods, he'll eventually meet a good woman who he's attracted to. Milton Arnold is extremely picky! But I guess he doesn't want just any woman around his daughter.
The only time he really has free to get away from the house and breathe and do adult things is on his off days when Jocelyn is in school. It's pretty fun trying to balance his time so that he does more than play with his daughter. Before I would have just hired a nanny and let him do whatever he wanted! But this is more true to life and more challenging.
No matter how little adult time he gets, he still has wants to spend quality time with his little girl. It's such a wonderful thing to see!

*I've decided to just do a little mini-update when things are kinda boring in a house. There really wasn't much to capture during their play time. So instead of taking alot of pictures of very dull events, I'll take a couple of highlight pics and give a summary of what happened!


  1. Aww, this is a cute family. I have a soft spot for single parent families.

  2. Aw, poor Milton, striking out with the ladies. He's just waiting for that one special someone. Hopefully he'll find her soon! :)

  3. I think that's what he's doing too! I mean I have yet to find one single woman that he has more than one bolt with! He's extremely picky!!!

  4. By the way, did you find the piercing you asked about Sullivan?

  5. Awe! I love my in game families that are all boring and happy. They're not much to write about, but it's a very relaxing play session with them.

    Jocelyn is a cutie! Maybe when she becomes a teen, she can help her dad find someone. I could see her as the type of kid who'd encourage her father to have a life.