Saturday, August 1, 2009

Moving On

Rotation 1 - December 2020

Milton is 33 and Jocelyn is 4
Narrated by Milton Arnold

Life. It's so unexpected sometimes. I never thought Joy would up and leave me and Jocelyn, but she did. How could a mother leave her own child? After that, I couldn't afford our condo in the city, so me and Jocelyn moved to Crystal Bay. Jocelyn is taking the news well so far. I think she knew it was coming. She's a very intelligent girl and Joy never really spent much time with her.
She's only 4, but you would swear she was 16! She's so mature for her age! She loves to paint and is very creative. I don't really know anything about raising a little girl. I hope I don't mess up her life. But Joy really didn't leave me any other choice.......
We've been here for a while now and I wondered if Joci missed the big city. She said she liked it better out here because it's so much more quiet. And she finally has a big yard that she can play in.
Some of the neighbors came by to welcome us. Well, some of them were neighbors. Tyson Carmichael is the new mayor and lives up on the hill in Larrington Heights. He's a surprisingly down to earth guy and asked me how I was adjusting to life now that I wasn't in the city. I actually like it better here, the city holds too many bad memories for me.
Tyson brought his son TJ with him and he and Joci hit it off automatically. I'm glad she's making friends. I was afraid she would come out here and not have anyone her age to play with or talk to. But there are a couple of kids in the neighborhood.
I've given her a few chores to do around the house, although I have to go back behind her sometimes and redo them. I mean she IS only 4 after all!
I try to read her a bedtime story everynight, but it's hard to do sometimes because of my work schedule. I'm doing security around town. I don't want her to feel neglected while we're out here. I love her with all of my heart and I'm trying to cushion the blow of her mother leaving.
Later that night, Joy called saying that she wanted to check on Jocelyn. I knew that wasn't the reason she called so I told her to cut the bull. She actually called to ask me for money! Me! The guy she left in the lurch with a child to raise. I told her to lose our number and let us get on with out lives!
Joci is in Pre-K and I try to help her with her homework. She's learning so fast and she really doesn't even need my help! But it makes me feel good so she let's me help her sometimes.
I think we're going to be's just me and her and I don't think we need anyone else. But I'm going to be in trouble when she starts dating! I don't even want to think about it!!


  1. Aw. I hope everything works out okay for this family. I really feel for them and I hope Milton is able to provide everything Jocelyn needs as she grows up.

  2. He's a pretty studious dad so I think they will be ok. Hopefully he will find someone to help him out with raising her.

  3. I really want to see this family thrive and I bet they will. Milton seems like a really devoted dad.