Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Rotation 1 - January 2022

Nickoli Frader is 25

Well it's a new year......and I'm still freaking sad is that? After Milton set me up with the horrible female known as Candi, I've been hesitant to let him set me up with anyone else.......I just don't want to go through that again! Just horrible! But he swears he has found the perfect girl for me this time.......I'll be sure to return the favor to old Milton as well!!!
I mean I'm 25......That's not that old, but I always thought I would be on the road to getting married by now.......I want to have kids by the time I'm 30 so I won't be that old once they leave.....then me and my wife can be young again! But it's just been so hard.....It was never this hard to meet women in college......Maybe Amanda Lancaster will be just what I need.......if Milton didn't botch this one up too!!!
She comes over when I get off work and I have to say, she's the most beautiful woman I think I've ever seen! I've always been pretty partial to red heads! She's really into cooking and reading which happen to also be two of my favorite things as well!
I tell her she's beautiful and she seems taken aback......she has to know she's gorgeous, right? I felt a connection with her instantly. Not just because she's beautiful, it's on a much deeper level than that......I don't know how to describe it......she walked through the door and took my breathe away. Literally took my breathe away. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's exactly what happened.
I changed out of my stuffy work clothes and came back out to finish my conversation with her. In the middle of her telling me about being an only child, I felt an encompassing need to stroke the skin of her cheek. I don't know what's wrong with me, I really don't. I've never felt this way before about's a bit unnerving!
Then I pulled her close and began dancing with her to no music at all. It was like I was in a dream, a weird, wonderful dream. And I couldn't wake up. I know it's silly to dance around in a living room to no music, but at the time it seemed like the most normal thing in the world at that time. And it seems she felt the same as she didn't pull back. She just let me hold her as we waltzed around my living room. When the haziness finally left, I asked her to join me for dinner the next night. I think I'm in love with her already.....
It's ok that she eats macaroni and cheese at the finest seafood restaurant in Crystal Bay. It's just something else that I love about her. I learned a few things about Amanda Lancaster that night. She's a really smart and ambitious woman. She wants to own her own restaurant one day. She likes thunderstorms. She wants alot of kids. Her favorite color is green. And there is one other thing that I learned about Ms. Amanda Lancaster.....
She has, without a doubt, stolen my heart.......and I don't mind at all!

*These two are my first couple to meet and have 3 bolts. They usually have to grow into the attraction! I admit that once I downloaded the freckled skin, I made about 4 sims that had it! I just think it's so cute!!! I next update will be a summary of my last time in each house. I have 6 families and I play by months so that's 4 updates per family. I'm already on the second round and I have to catch up to where I am so in one big post I will do the last play round for each family. Not much really happened to anyone by the time we got to their fourth play time!


  1. Yay, he found someone. I'm so happy for him!

  2. The freckled skin is gorgeous! I was actually going to comment on it when I first saw the picture of Amanda.

    I'm so happy Nickoli found someone. He had such bad luck and then he meets a 3 bolter!

  3. These two really are very cute together! I just love that skin.....I have to consciously tell myself to NOT go overboard with it!

  4. She is so pretty. lol, go ahead and over-do the freckled skin. I've always loved freckles. When I was a kid, I wanted freckles.

    And well! It is nice to see Nickoli find his dream girl.

  5. I'm glad to see he finally met his perfect match! Amanda is very pretty! :)