Thursday, September 24, 2009

Always Comes Back to You

Round 2 - Summer 2024
Janet Peterson is 27, Sinjin Couderc is 32, Taylor Peterson is 1
Narrated by Sinjin Couderc

I'm in deep crap. I don't even know how I got into this situation. A little over a year ago, my life was passing along just fine, filled with wild parties and fast women and it was great! Then I met Janet Peterson. I've never met a woman who was able to match up with me, but Janet definitely can hold her own! At first it was fun, she'd call me whenever she needed some company. It was a great arrangement. Then I find out she's pregnant. Pregnant! I'm 32 years old and I never once thought about having any kids. I'm a pretty selfish man, I know this and that is why I simply never wanted kids. But it was happening.......
And here it is a year later and I can't imagine my life without Taylor in it. It's funny how you don't realize you want something until you get it. She's the best little girl in the whole wide world and I only hope that I can be a good dad to that she deserves............
So what is my problem? THIS! A cute waitress flirting with me and me having no interest........can you believe that?! There was a time when I would have hung around until closing and took her back to my place. I guess it doesn't help that my place is a house that I now share with Janet. Don't get me wrong, I love being able to see my daughter everyday, but things have just become so.........domestic!
These thoughts swirl around in my head on a daily basis. I've tried everything to just forget about it. I don't know what's wrong with me........I have no desire to go out to clubs anymore. No desires for a little afternoon delight. It's like aliens have come in and taken over my body!
I've been working out like a maniac so I'm tired by the time I get home. I don't want to think about any of this. It doesn't help to think about it. I've never felt this way before and I don't like it. I want to be back to the old Sinjin.....
But it's like I can't. I love women who love to hear me talk about myself. She's a cute petite blonde, right up my alley. But instead of offering to walk her home, I end the conversation and hit the showers before heading home........what is with me?
It can't be that I'm in love with Janet. Why would I be? She has to be one of the sloppiest sims I know! She's always walking around all hunched over. There's nothing sexy about that! Yes, I find her attractive at times. I mean it's obvious since we have a kid together. But Janet isn't worth giving up all the fun I've had over the years.......but is Taylor?
She is one of the fussiest babies I've ever seen, not that I've seen many babies. When she wants her bottle, she wants it now! I think she gets that from Janet. With Janet, it's either her way or no way at all!
Ok, so she's sloppy, but she's really wonderful with Taylor. I mean, when I first found out that Janet was pregnant, I figured that we were both going to be just sim-awful parents. Janet especially. I mean yea, I like to party, but I've always kept a very clean house. Janet is perfectly fine with living in filth. But I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised with how she's been with Taylor.
I look like Indiana Jones right? I've told my boss that it's just idiotic for us to have to wear this to digs, but he assures me there's good reasoning behind it. Reasoning that he has yet to explain to me!
While I'm at work, Janet spends some quality mother-daughter time together with Taylor. We try to make sure one of us is at home with her so we don't have to hire one of those awful nannies! She really is a great mom. That's one thing that I can't complain about when it comes to her. She's amazing.....
Taylor has really gotten into music. Anytime she hears some, she's on the floor bobbing her little head and shaking her little hands in the air! It's pretty funny to see, although I know exactly where she gets that trait from..........
I've walked in quite a few times and caught Janet dancing away! Taylor already idolizes her and wants to be just like mommy. I still haven't decided if that's really something she should be aspiring too!
She also likes to scribble with her crayons on her activity table. We went a little crazy with the gifts for her. We just really want her to be a well rounded girl and also we want her to have alot of fun!
I get home pretty late most nights, so bath time is also a mother daugher affair. Taylor loves taking baths and loves splashing around in the water. I kinda hate that I miss so much with her. Janet works as a party DJ a few nights a week and she makes her own hours at the salon so she gets to spend more time with her.
Yea she's a great mom. Maybe that's what I'm feeling. I appreciate what Janet does for our daughter, so I feel obligated to act like this is a real family. That has to be why I'm all of a sudden losing interest in going out with other how do I fix it?
Janet may get bath time, but I get to potty train her. I don't know if that's really a fair trade though! She's learning quite fast and I'm sure pretty soon we won't have to change anymore diapers. We hope so anyway!
I've never been a man who loses control. I'm always in control of how I feel and what I do. I don't know what's happening to me. It's such a weird feeling to take someone else's feelings into account. I just can't seem to shake this feelings........
No matter what I do, it always comes back to her. Well I won't stand for it! So watch out Crystal Bay, Sinjin Couderc is coming back on the prowl!!!

*Sinjin is just a big bunch of contradictions. I think he might really be falling in love with Janet! He has stopped rolling wants for other women and he only rolls generic kiss and woohoo wants. He's constantly thinking about Janet and heart farting all over her. Well, Janet is a horse of a different color! She wants to woohoo with 3 different sims, while also wanting to have another baby. I don't know what these two are going to do! They still don't really roll wants for baby Taylor, but they autonomously take care of her........I just don't get these two!!!!


  1. Poor Sinjin, falling in love against his will. LOL ;) Taylor is SO cute in that picture of her dancing. I'm not sure whether wanting to be like her mommy is a good thing. ;) But at least Janet and Sinjin turned out to be good parents.

  2. Taylor is seriously one of the most adorable Sim toddlers I've seen - too cute!

    Sinjin's an interesting character. Sounds like he doesn't want to admit to himself that he's falling in love with Janet. I hope they can figure out some kind of arrangement that works for both of them, seeing Janet doesn't seem to want to settle down much.

    At least they're good parents!