Thursday, September 24, 2009

Round 2 Summary

Whew, that was quick! It moves along much faster when I play each household only once per round and use seasons instead of months! I'm loving it and I feel that it's moving at a pretty good pace, not too fast and not too slow. Anywho, a few pretty big things occurred this round, the biggest of all in my opinion being the opening of Crystal Bay Academy!

Births: Taylor Peterson, Gina DeLorne, Layla Frader, Lauren Frader

Engagements: Nickoli Frader and Amanda Lancaster

Marriages: Nickoli and Amanda Frader

Openings: Styles by JP (owned by Janet Peterson), City Hall (owned by Tyson Carmichael), Crystal Bay Academy (owned by Tina Leary) , D's Place (owned by Dimitri Ivanov)

New Residents: Ariyo Mikasi, Kuo Mikasi, Dimitri Ivanov, Anya Ivanov, Halinka Ivanov

Starting the next round, I'm going to roll two ROS. Hopefully it won't be anything that will devastate my sims right out of the gate, but we'll see! I haven't rolled them yet so who knows. Also I will have 3 playables (Halinka Ivanov, Cassie Carmichael, and Angelo DeLorne) and 1 non-playable playable(Carla Harris) going off to Crystal Bay University. I've been waiting to have some teens to send so it should be great! I'm considering sending Payton Sneiff off as a playable since he caused such a scandal. I think he might be fun to play and he's the same age as the rest so I might send him as well. I doubt he will remain playable after college though.

I also noticed that some of my founder names are going to disappear......I had 4 freaking girls born this round! The DeLornes are ok because of Angelo, but Nickoli may not see his name passed on. I'm hoping he and Amanda will want at least one more and I hope it's a boy! Janet also may see the Peterson name snuffed out since little Taylor may not be the rolling stone her mom is! The Ivanov's will have the same problem since Halinka is their only child, but they aren't a founding family so it doesn't bother me as much. We'll see what happens, but it's not looking good. I wanted the founding names to last at least 2 that too much to ask?!

One last thing: I'm VERY fascinated with the way that Laura does her skeleton stretching and want to try it out for some sims will be alittle taller this next round. They're all either teens or children so we'll just call it a little growth spurt!!!!


  1. Hey there! Just stumbled on here and thought I'd give a thumbs up! Looking forward to seeing more.

    I just started playing Sims 2 and have started a blog of my own. I'm putting your site on my blogroll.

  2. I had worried when I started my hood that the Craig name would die out because Dave Craig started out with just two daughters. Luckily, he remarried and ended up with two sons (and Suzie passed on the Craig name to Madison since she was a single mom at the time. But Madison will most likely take on her husband's name, so she won't be passing the Craig name on). The Sutton name isn't a founding name, but I've resigned myself to the fact that it's about to die out since Cecil and Sunny had four girls. And the Gates name might die out if these Gates boys don't start having sons soon, LOL! The boys have all had girls so far--Kat, Lily, and now Phoebe! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Xander and Chelsea have a boy.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what ROS you get! They're always good for adding unexpected twists. :D

  3. roundaboutcorners - thanks for checking out my little space! I'll be sure to return the favor!

    Shana - I'm nervous about the ROS but excited as well. I've made a promise to myself that I won't change them just because I might not like them! The Arnold name might die out too since Jocelyn is Milton's only child at the moment. Hopefully the Gates name won't die out!

  4. I'm loving Crystal Bay - these past two rounds have been great and I love seeing there's a new update!

    I made the same promise to myself about my ROS. So far, I've kept it but I can't be held responsible for what I do if my ROS tells me if I have to kill off one of my favourites one day! I get nervous every time I roll my ROS!

    I've been thinking about my Sims' surnames too and I've decided to not bother with the "woman takes man's surname" thing. I'm more concerned with getting a lot of different surnames in the mix. So from now on, whichever Sim has the less common surname, that's the one I'll use. Sims marrying their second cousins is a lot less weird when they don't share a surname!