Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rotation 1 Summary - Finally!

Geez, so this took so much longer than it should have.....because I love playing and played so much that I got behind. Ah, well! It was a great first rotation. Speaking of rotations, I will be changing it to rounds instead. Since I only have 6 families, they get 4 updates a piece throughout the 2 years and "rotation" is a bit misleading. So it's Round 2 instead of Rotation 2. Not much in the way of news for the first round, other than a few births coming up in the next. I'm also going to be adding 2 new families to Crystal Bay. The Ivanovs are going to be my Russian mob family consisting of a dad, mom , and a teenage daughter. Also there's my new Asian family, the Mikasis, consisting of an adult sister and teenage brother. I hope they will be brother and sister! In CAS, teen have to be tied to an adult in a parent/child relationship. I used the sim blender to change them to sis/bro but I don't know if it will fix their ties and have the family tree correctly. Maybe I should do it in SimPE? I don't know, but she's too young to have a teenage son! So hopefully I can get that fixed up. I will be beginning the new round either tomorrow or Saturday, starting with the new families of course. This will take the families down to 3 updates a piece since there will now be 8 families for the 24 months. I may change to seasons instead of months. I don't know, this building a hood thing is still so new to me. I hope I haven't confused anyone with my slacker tendencies! Pics of the new families and long awaited pics of my downtown area, Crystal Bay Island, coming soon! Stay tuned!!!


  1. The only thing I was confused about was families having more than one update per round. But now that you've explained that, I'm golden. It's so nice when you finish a round. I felt like my last one took forever because I went on holiday in the middle of it and I am so excited to be on to the next one.

    About your brother/sister thing, I have read that it's much safer to fix relationship ties and things like that (name changes too) in game, rather than in SimPE. With SimPE, there are apparently a few different changes you need to make so it's easy to miss one and most people do. But any of the hacks that let you do it in game do it all for you and it's much more secure. I made Joseph and Jesse uncle and nephew and set Betsy and Anna up as Jesse's cousins with SimBlender and it's working out just fine so far. :)

  2. That's good to hear. I saved it and hadn't gone back into their house yet so I didn't know if the family tree would be right or not! Once I get to 24 families, hopefully it won't be so confusing anymore! I'm actually of thinking of switching to seasons since I don't have enough for each month, but I'm not quite sure how I would want to work that out yet.