Monday, September 21, 2009

Crystal Bay Academy: The Start of Something Great......

Round 2 - Spring 2023

Tina Leary is the current Principal/Teacher and is 30

Students are Jocelyn Arnold, 7; Britney Parker, 7; Michael Leary, 11; TJ Carmichael, 11; Cassie Carmichael, 17; Angelo DeLorne, 17; Carla Harris, 17; Halinka Ivanov, 17; Kuo Makasis, 16; Donte Conaway, 15; and Payton Snieff, 17.

Here it is. Crystal Bay Academy. After a few rough years of students taking buses to schools in near by cities, Crystal Bay now has it's own school. It caters to students from the ages of 5-18 and offers opportunities for students to learn various forms of creativity as well as the basic skills needed to further their education. Tina Leary has been hired as the principal/teacher. The school will employ another teacher when one becomes available.
Kuo and Halinka were hard at work on their assignments. Well, Halinka was. Kuo was more interested in watching Halinka do hers. He and Halinka have been spending alot of time together and he's a bit worried that she will forget about him when she goes off to college in a year. He'll follow behind her the next year, but he's heard that college guys move fast.........
Gavin Newsome was visiting the school. He lives on the borderline of Crystal Bay and it's neighboring city so his parents decided that he should pick which school to attend. He and Donte Conaway actually got along pretty well and we're hoping he decides to stick with CBA.
Downstairs in the music room, Angelo DeLorne looked on while his girlfriend Carla Harris played a punching game with Payton Snieff. Payton has caused a bit of trouble in Crystal Bay with his scandalous relationship with the mayor's daughter. His classes have been scheduled around Cassie's classes in an effort to keep the peace!
Michael Leary and Britney Parker were hard at work on their paintings while TJ Carmichael and Jocelyn Arnold play around instead. Jocelyn is an advanced artist and the activity table seems to bore her. TJ is also a bit of a distraction for her as well. But TJ and Michael will be moving up to junior high classes next year so she should be able to concentrate a little better!
Cassie is pretty determined to design her own clothes one day and so her favorite activity is making things with the sewing table. She's been more focused since returning from vacation with her family. She should be, college is right around the corner and I'm sure her parent would be very grateful for any scholarships she could get to defer their costs!
Gavin has a few issues with his assignment, but Tina is right there to help him out. She really has a love for her students and loves working with kids. CBA couldn't have picked a better principal. She tough but fair and the students seem to really like her.
Halinka and Donte finish up early and decide to harrass the poor fish in the bio-aquarium. It was a pretty uneventful day at Crystal Bay Academy, but that's probably a good thing!

* So it's pretty cool running a school. I'm still learning the best way to play it. I kinda want them to be able to change classes which is only a problem for the students doing assignments. It takes them so long to complete them! And I tried this before and I know that when they don't complete them, it affects their grades when they attend the regular school when I play their what do I do? I'm trying to decide whether to keep Gavin in or not. I don't really want alot of non-playables in the school but 3 of my playables are going off to college next round and the rooms will be pretty I'm still on the fence about it.....but I gotta say it's pretty fun running a school!
*Just FYI: Right now Britney Parker, Donte Conaway, Carla Harris, and Payton Snieff are my non-playables. Britney was already good friends with Jocelyn so I added her in. Donte's mom is dating Milton Arnold so he may become playable soon if his mother moves in with Milton. Carla is of course dating Angelo and she's just too cool. She will become playable at uni. And Payton, well you know the story! The non-playables that attend the high school will most of the time attend college as dormies just so they don't make repeat appearances later. And I'll probably age them up and make them townies too so they won't hang around uni forever! How do you handle your townie kids?


  1. Hmm, I never noticed any effect on my Sims' grades if mine didn't complete assignments at my playable school. And mine hardly ever complete assignments - you're right, they do take a long time!

    Your school looks like it's off to a good start. It took me a while to really love my school. I got into a sort of rhythm with it and realised which parts I liked and which I didn't.

    My rule for townies (which I just made up yesterday, really) is that if they get together with one of my Sims in a significant enough way that they get a mention on that Sims' profile, then I move them in and they keep aging up along with the rest of the hood. I don't update about them but there's always the possibility that they'll get together with another of my Sims permanently.

  2. Schools are fun. I've not noticed an issue like the one you're getting. But currently, for my school, I'm just using the meeting controller to call the kids in, then each student has a special goal they have to try to meet. Their grade is passed out according to that. (I use Insim to dole out the grades.)