Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just Makes Me Grateful!

Rotation 1 - February 2022

Tyson and Ann Marie are 34, Cassie is 15, and TJ is 9
Narrated by Tyson Carmichael

Simgod J should have mercy on those sims that have teenage daughters! I do not understand my daughter Cassie anymore. I just don't get her! All she does is complain about how she doesn't have anyone to hang out with, even though she has her little girl friends over all the time. What she means is that she doesn't have any BOYS to hang out with. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If she isn't nagging us about how bored she is, she's on the phone nagging her friends from SimCity about it.........I mean what did I do to deserve this? Haven't I been a good father? And to make matters worse........
She DID meet some little knob headed boy down at the arcade. George something or other. Cassie is only 15, I thought we had more time before she started all this boy crazy nonsense.....I mean really! Where is the justice I ask!
We've seen her standing out in the yard, tell him how smart he is, and how cute he is......she's really testing my gag reflexes! Ann Marie won't let me lock her in her room until she's 18. I mean that would solve all of our problems! She has yet to bring him in and properly introduce him.....guess that would be just too much to ask for right? Cuz her family is SO embarrassing to her!
On a MUCH happier note, TJ is growing up to be a very promising young man. He really has a unique ear for classical music. It's really wonderful to hear the sounds of Bach streaming throughout the house in the evenings. I just hope he stays on course......Cassie was a wonderful painter when she was a she just sits around talking boys and fashion all the time.....
We should be opening the new city hall in time for the next tax season. Ann Marie has been after me to hire a lawyer to work as the attorney general. I don't really think we need one right now, but she's pretty adamant about it. I think she just wants to help Nickoli Frader out. I heard them talking about the position when he was paying his taxes. Her argument is that he could also serve as justice of the peace and perform weddings......but I don't think anyone is planning on getting married at the moment!
We have become really great friends with the DeLornes, and Fabio comes over pretty regularly to hang out. I knew something was wrong when he began talking sports. Fabio is the least athletic man that I know! I knew something was wrong and so I asked him about it. He got a sad look in his eyes and asked if we could talk outside. This sounds bad.....
"I think my marriage is in trouble," he said.
"Oh, Fabio. I'm sorry to hear that man. Look, Ann Marie and me bump heads sometimes too. Marriage can be tough. You guys are still pretty young," I said.
"Yea, I know. But it was never hard before. I think it was this move. I left home to get away from living in my dad's shadow. Ty, we were living off him. Do you know how it feels to still be counting on your dad to provide for you? Not just for you, but for your family? What kind of man does that make me?"
"Come on, you left though, right? You're standing on your own two feet now," I said.
"No, I'm standing on Gabriella's. She's a freaking intern at a hospital, Ty. Do you know how much money she's making? Way more than me. I mean, I'm slowly getting my name out there, but its not happening very fast. Gabby makes most of the money and I feel like I have to ask her about spending it.....I just don't feel like a man anymore."
"Fabio, you have got to stop thinking about money so much. You have a beautiful wife and a good kid. You guys have a nice house in Talum. You need to be more grateful for the things you have," I said.
"Yea I guess you're right," he said.
Wow, it just makes me grateful for all the things I have.......I really hope he and Gabby will be ok........
* So my next few updates will be short. The problem with getting so behind with updating is that I forget what happened when! So I'm trying to figure it all out and catch up to where I'm currently playing so that this won't happen! By the way, Simgod J is me, just in case you were wondering!


  1. I have that problem too, when I fall too far behind with updates.

    Good to see Cassie's finally found a boy, even if Tyson isn't too happy about it!

  2. LOL at Tyson's reaction to Cassie and the boy. What a dad reaction! (Family is so embarrassing for those few years you're a teen!)

    It's also good to see Fabio opening up to a friend about his marriage problems.

  3. No, Tyson you can't lock your daughter in her room until she's 18. LOL!

    I'm glad Fabio has Tyson that he can talk to. I hope things work out for him.