Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthdays: Spring 2024

Round 2 - Spring 2024

Nickoli is 27, Amanda is 25

Amanda Frader was making herself some chilli con carne when her labor pains hit. She yelled for Nickoli who promptly started freaking out! The babies were coming!
The first bundle of joy turned out to be a beautiful baby girl who has Amanda's freckles, eyes, and hair. Then it was time for baby number two........
Who turned out to also be a baby girl. Meet little Lauren Frader who also has Amanda's freckles and eyes, but her daddy's brown hair.
The first little bundle of joy is Layla Frader. Nickoli is going to pull all of his hair out when these little cuties become teens!
So here they are, Layla and Lauren Frader, their parents' pride and joy!

Fabio and Gabriella are 31, Angelo is 17, and Gina is 1
Gabriella has gone back to work at the hospital. The Crystal Bay Clinic will be opening soon and she has been chosen to head it. She hates that she has to work so much, but it will all pay off in the end. Unfortunately, it means that she will have to miss little Gina's first birthday!
But poppa Fabio is there and is more than willing to celebrate with just his son Angelo. Gina is too small to really appreciate a big party, so instead he decided to make it an intimate family affair. Plus, Gabriella felt bad enough about not being able to be there!
And here she is! Little Gina is the SPITTING image of her father! The only thing she seems to get from Gabriella is the full lips, which is good. Fabio's thin lips might not look so good on a female!
She is definitely a little cutie! She a very happy little girl and is very easily entertained! Hopefully she won't keep Fabio and Gabriella up TOO much during the night. She's still adjusting to the whole concept of day and night.
Big brother Angelo feels it's never too early to start potty training.....could that be because he's a little tired of changing all those dirty diapers? Probably so!

*Layla and Lauren look JUST alike! I think one of them has red hair and one has brown, but it's kinda hard to tell by just looking at their eyebrows.......Red and brown are pretty close! I know for a fact that they both have Amanda's eyes and skin which is excellent. I'm totally in love with that freckled skin!
*Angelo really spends alot of time with his baby sis. He's a family sim so it's not really all that surprising. I'm thinking of doing some portraits of this family and a few others. Angelo will be going off to college soon so it'll be nice to get a family pic before he gets too busy with school.
Just one more post before round 2 is officially over! This went by so much faster since I changed to seasons instead of months! Excellent!!! Up next, the Peterson household.


  1. Congrats to Nickoli and Amanda on their twin girls! :)

    Aw, Gina is so cute! She does look just like her dad!

  2. Yay for the freckled skintone getting passed on! I'm so in love with Amanda's freckles!

    Gina is a total sweetheart! She's going to be gorgeous when she gets older.

  3. Carla - I'm so happy it got passed on! It seems to me that custom skintones are more dominant so I figured it would but I wasn't sure.....