Friday, September 4, 2009

Round 2 Intro

Ok, so after much thought, I have decided to stop doing months and switch to seasons. I'm sure it was confusing reading about each family four times, but that was my solution to filling out the 24 months. While it gives you a larger view into their lives during the 2 years, the problem I ran into was what happens when I have an uneven number of families? How could I continue to give each family the same number of months if I had say 9? So the seasons will work out much better. My rounds will be shorter until I have more families, but it will make more sense. I'll probably play each house a little longer than 2 days since they will only be getting one update per round now. I'll just turn aging off after two days. That's how I was managing the four updates per family. I just turned aging off after their first play. I'll be posting current pics of Crystal Bay, Crystal Bay Island, Crystal Bay University, and my two new families this afternoon. With them I now have 8 families so changing to seasons actually works out pretty well. Each family will get a season. Round 2 will run from Fall 2022 until Summer of 2024. Thanks to Shana at Pine Hollow for her great explanation of how she uses seasons instead of months. I totally stole this from her!

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  1. I use seasons instead of months too and it works out great. I'll never have to worry about whether I have enough families to fill each month. I don't worry too much about whether the same number of families is covered each season but it usually works out to 2 or 3.