Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh My Freaking Simgod!

Rotation 1 - April 2022

Janet is 25
So it's VERY safe to say that Sinjin and I have been getting along WONDEFULLY! He isn't like those losers that I went out with before! He understands exactly what this is and doesn't make any thing bigger out of's wonderful, and it's just the type of relationship I've been looking for! The past 6 months have been truly like heaven for me!
I've been getting out of the house more and even made a new friend. Candi Harris is a woman after my own heart! She knows what she wants and is not willing to settle for less! Some people might call her a gold digger, but hey, money turns her on......some people are turned on by blue eyes, others by brown......I say live and let live!!!
I caught a really nasty flu that I just can't seem to shake......I don't really feel all that bad.....just nauseous sometimes......I've been relaxing alot so I'm sure it will pass. I think Sinjin is a little worried about me, but I'm fine....stupid bug.....
So this is getting ridiculous! I'm throwing up at night and during the I've decided it would probably be best for me to see a doctor......maybe they have some magic pill that will get rid of all of this really is disgusting and is just not very attractive at all!
But before I go, maybe I should have a little something in my tummy. I mean, I'm starving! Maybe this will stay down.....if it doesn't, the doctor can see first hand what I'm complaining about! I hope I get a good doctor and not just some quack who doesn't know what he's talking about! Maybe I got food poisoning......what have I been eating lately?.......
Oh my freaking Simgod! I'm pregnant. PREGNANT! As in I'm going to be someone's mom. A mother. Me. Can you imagine the counseling bills that kid will rack up with me as their mother? And Sinjin is going to freak out. After all my talk about not wanting something serious, I end up carrying his kid. I mean, sure he played a part in this too.......I don't recall him objecting to any of our interludes. A baby......a freaking baby.....
I call Sinjin right to get this over with. He of course is more interested in flirting and possibly getting a little afternoon delight than in the important matter that I need to discuss with him.......what a one track mind he has! And so it begins.....
"Sinjin, I'm pregnant."
"Like with a baby? One of those little people?" he asked. Is he serious? Is he being sarcastic?
"Yes, with a baby. That's usually the end result of a pregnancy."
"Hey, there's not need to get smart with me! And you're telling me this is MY baby?
"Why the hell else would I be telling you, Sinjin? This isn't really my idea of small talk you know."
"Come on, Janet. All that talk about keeping this light and all that. Who else are you sleeping with? Maybe it's theirs," he said.
"You are the worst kind of jerk. Trust me, you aren't at the top of my list of eligible bachelors. I mean what do you even DO for a living? And look at how you dress! You're the last person I would want to trap, trust me."
"Look Janet, I don't really do kids. I mean I'm not ready for all of that."
"Not ready? And you think I am? Sinjin, you're in your 30's. When do you think you will be ready? It's not going to work forever you know. You going to be one of those old men on Simagra just having your first child at 60?" I asked.
"I wasn't planning on ever having kids actually. I didn't ask for this."
"Oh yea, and I was praying to Simgod that I would get pregnant. It's my life long dream." "Just look at this logically. This isn't something that either of us planned. But it IS something that's going to happen. So I need to know where you stand," I said.
"So you're planning on keeping it?"
"What kind of question is that? My parents didn't plan for me either. But I'm glad they had me.....and I'm having this kid......with or without you Sinjin Couderc."
"I need some time to think about this. I mean this is huge, Janet. This is a life changing thing."
"You have 9 months to think it over Sinjin. 9 months to decide if you want to be a part of your kid's life. You let me know what you decide," I said.
We were at a stand still. I knew he wasn't going to take it very well. Don't get me wrong, I don't want a kid. But for some reason, I'm having one. So I can roll in pity (which I"m sure I'll probably do for a few days) or I can accept the fact that someone is going to be calling me momma.....ugh......
I guess my little music store job isn't going to be quite enough to feed an extra I've starting studying to get a license in cosmotology. I love making people look good. Maybe I can even start my own shop......a baby......who woulda thought?
*To say this kid was a surprise is the understatement of the year! Her and Sinjin were have a good old woohoo session when I heard the baby chimes! I didn't put any of the residents of Crystal Bay on birth control so I guess it shouldn't be too much of a surprise.......Janet Peterson is going to be a mom......poor kid! I know the pic size is ridiculous, but that's another thing about getting behind. These were taken before I decided what size was best. So by the time I get to the Rotation 2 pics, the size will be more uniform!


  1. LOL, "one of those little people"! I couldn't imagine a better conversation for that particular animation! :)

    Wow, well the baby bug finally caught her, didn't it? Um, good luck (?) to these two. More importantly, good luck to the kid :)

  2. LOL, their whole conversation was filled with these crazy facial expressions. They both frowned alot and kept their arms crossed most of the's like they know what's going on sometimes! Poor kid indeed! Sinjin is also a romance sim! It was an interesting way to end Janet's story for Round 1!

  3. Uh oh! I can't imagine Janet as a mother but this should be entertaining.

    I hope Sinjin steps up to the plate.

  4. LOL, sometimes it does seem like they know what's going on.

    Oh my, Janet pregnant! Oh what kind of a mother could she possibly be? Would you ever consider having her give the baby away to someone else or putting it up for adoption?

  5. Sullivan - I can't really imagine how she will be with the kid, but I guess we'll see.....*crosses fingers and hopes for the best!*

    Lunar - I thought about doing that and I still might, but I want to see what kind of mom she'll be know, give her the chance at least!

  6. Uh-oh! Poor kid! I'm interested in seeing Janet as a mother. Maybe she'll surprise us! ;)

    LOL @ "One of those little people?" Perfect caption for that picture. :)