Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Wedding of Nickoli Frader and Amanda Lancaster

Round 2 - Fall 2023

Nickoli Frader is 27, Amanda Lancaster is 25 (Milton Arnold is 35, Jocelyn Arnold is 6)
Narrated by Amanda Lancaster

It's the big day! I can't believe I'm 6 months pregnant and I'm getting married. My dress was so pretty......now it's all stretched out because of this belly! Ugh, life isn't fair sometimes, is it? I can't wait for these babies to get here.....that's right, BABIES......Nick and I are having twins! He almost fainted when I told him the news......he just couldn't believe it! I couldn't either.....neither one of us has any kids and now we're going to have two! Life is so crazy sometimes.........
Since this wedding had to happen so fast, we decided to have it at Paradise Cove. It's a cute little place on Crystal Bay Island that sets up weddings. It really is a very beautiful place.
Milton came to celebrate with us and I'm glad. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have even met Nick. I look at his little girl and wonder what our kids will look like. Jocelyn is just adorable! I heard Milton is seeing this nice woman so maybe me and Nick will get to go to his wedding soon! Milton is a really nice guy and he deserves it.
I had a few of my co-workers to come too and once everyone gathered down by the water, it was time to begin. I was so nervous! But Nick looked steady and sure and that made me feel better.
"Amanda Lynne Lancaster, no one on this Simearth could ever take the place of you. You're everything in the world to me. I promise to love you and our babies forever. I can't express to you the joy you've given me today."
"With this ring, I promise to you my undying love and loyalty. You will be my source of life for all the days that I live."
"I would never have thought a woman could be as lucky as I am. No one in the world compares to you, Nickoli Lucio Frader. With this ring, I promise my undying love and loyalty to you. You will be my source of life for all the days that I live."
And with me blubbering like an idiot, we kiss and make it official. I am now Mrs. Amanda Lynne Frader! Nothing in the world is better than that!
We gathered quite a crowd! A lot of the people we didn't even know, but I guess everyone wanted to be apart of such a joyous occasion. We didn't mind, the more the merrier!
Even the MAYOR showed up for our wedding! How many sims can say that? I have no idea why he decided to come, but it was really great having him there.......the day couldn't have gone more perfect.........
We were able to get a GORGEOUS cake......hey I'm 6 months pregnant, cake is like gold to me right now! Nick told me I didn't need to eat too much of it, it might make the babies sick. HE was making me sick with all of his constant worrying about the babies! But I love that my husband is so concerned......I just wish he would tone it down a little!!!
We ended the day with me feeding him cake from my plate. It was a beautiful ceremony. Perfect, I think. I was getting pretty tired so we decided it was time to go on home. No honeymoon, we can't really afford one right now. We're going to have hospital bills from the birth and we still have to decorate the room and buy 2 of everything.......it's going to be an adventure!
I look at Nick and I see the future......it's filled with lots of laughter and love and a girl just couldn't ask for more than that!
The Frader babies will be introduced in the Winter 2023 birthday announcements. I love this community lot! It's really gorgeous and it works wonderfully on my new laptop........I think alot of sims will be getting married here!!! Twins! These will be the first twins born in Crystal Bay.......I was definitely not expecting it, but I'm glad it was them and not Gabriella or Janet. Gabriella already has Angelo and didn't really need 2 more kids.......and Janet is going to have enough trouble raising her one!!!!! Congrats to Nick and Amanda!


  1. Aw, what a beautiful wedding! That lot is gorgeous! I'm glad Nickoli is getting the family he wanted. Congrats to them on the wedding and the twins! :)

  2. They picked a lovely spot for their wedding. May they have a long and happy marriage.

  3. What a gorgeous wedding!

    And twins! I'm so excited to see what they'll look like - they'll have to be adorable, with parents like that!

  4. This was a very pretty setting. Awe, it's nice to see Nickoli getting married. I can't wait to see the kids.

  5. Is that lot uploaded somewhere because it is beautiful and I'f love for my simmies to get married there!

  6. You can find that lot here: http://www.sims2cri.com/eng_lots_com_07.php

  7. Thank You that lot is just so beautiful I was hoping to find a bridal boutique but so far no such luck i'm surprised so many people haven't made any.