Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Change of Heart

Rotation 1 - May 2022
Fabio and Gabriella are 29, Angelo is 15
Narrated by Gabriella DeLorne

I don't know what's gotten into him, but Fabio DeLorne is like a new man! Things are back to how they were before the move, when he was happy. And the woohoo? Oh, it's better than ever! Angelo has gotten an after school job and so me and Fabio have a few hours alone when we get off. And we have been utilizing it, let me tell you!
He's the affectionate man that he was when I met him all those years ago. We're sneaking kisses like we're teens again. Angelo is horrified to see us making out, but I know he's also glad that we aren't fighting anymore. I'm glad too. I don't know what happened to Fabio, but I am so glad that it happened......I feel like we're going to be ok now.......
Angelo has really gotten into his music. I think it has a lot to do with that Carla girl that's been coming over quite a bit. She's a really cute girl, and anyone who can get Angelo to focus on something is ok with me! He really plays beautifully. Those DeLorne genes are coming through, I guess. I just hope this doesn't spin out of control. You know, like he wants to be a rockstar and forget all about school.
Janet Peterson and I have become pretty good friends. I'm really shocked that she would even want to be friends with me. Janet is a bit wild. Well, more than a bit! We're pretty close in age, but we couldn't be farther apart in our mentality. But she's expecting a baby now, so I think she wants some advice on kids. I hate to tell her that there's really not much advice to give. Every child is different. She's going to have to figure out what works for her. I just hope she realizes how serious having a baby is......I didn't bother to ask her who the father was......that is, if she even knows! She still can't believe woohooing lead her to just a horrible fate......what did she think would happen?!
I think I've caught a little bug from working with all the sick people at the hospital. I've been feeling kinda of meh and really tired. I hope I don't give it to Fabio or Angelo.......

*This is more of a mini-update, but I couldn't find a way to put it in my own words and express everything that needed to be said. So instead I let Gabriella do it! Janet was showing up, walking past their house, so I figured she had a few baby questions. Her and Gabriella were more like aquaintences than friends before she kept walking by. And I can't hold it: Gabriella got pregnant on the night of my last day playing with them! Crystal Bay is about to experience a bit of a baby boom! I'm so excited! I thought for sure it would be years before I got some new little residents!!!


  1. Yay, congrats to Gabriella and Fabio! I hope they continue to work things out in their marriage and be happy. :)

  2. Wow, Fabio and Gabriella were just babies when they had Angelo, weren't they? Like 14 or 15!

    And now he's 15 and getting a baby sibling. At least he'll be ab;e to help.

  3. Shana - thanks!

    Lunar - Yea, during their creation I thought about the whole age thing, but in my head Fabio comes from a rich family of actors and musicians and I figure he would have been a bit spoiled and ran a little wild when he was younger. So I figured him and Gabby having a baby kinda early would be fitting, since he parents wouldn't have been around much..

  4. Yay, a baby!

    I thought maybe Gabriella had got sick for real and was about to ask you if you had Realistic Sickness installed.