Friday, September 4, 2009

Updates to Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay has grown substantially in the past two sim years! It also doesn't hurt that these photos were taken on my trusty new laptop! Notice the reflections in the beautiful is that?

A few new homes have been built in the Larrington Heights sub-division. Once home only to Mayor Tyson Carmichael and his family, it now is the home of two new families, the Mikasis and the Ivanovs.

The shopping strips of Crystal Bay also gained a few more boutiques and stores. Talum is still home to the Arnolds and DeLornes, while Middleton is where the Learys call home. The Peterson household is located along the beach strip of Crystal Bay while Nickoli Frader and his girlfriend Amanda Lancaster are in the loft apartments in the city center.

Crystal Bay University is located on an island just to the left of the mainland. Although there are currently no CB students there as of yet, CBU sits silently waiting for its first batch of young minds to mold into successful adulthood.

Crystal Bay Island sits just to the right of the mainland and is the downtown area of Crystal Bay. Still under construction, Crystal Bay Island is home to the best that Crystal Bay has to offer. Exclusive clubs, fine dining, and excellent shopping are just a few of the things to be found on the island. While for the most part the island is upper crest, there are areas where shady dealings are done. We encourage residents to stay away from those places!

We also welcome 2 new families this round. Ariyo Mikasi and her brother Kuo have moved into a very nice home in Larrington Heights. Their parents sent Ariyo to Simerica to attend college and upon graduation, she decided to stay! Her brother Kuo was unhappy with his parents strict rules and begged Ariyo to let him come and stay with her. Hopefully Kuo won't become too wild with all his newfound freedom!

Dimitri and Anya Ivanov moved to Crystal Bay with their daughter Halinka to escape Dimitri's troubled past. He feared for the safety of his family and broke all ties with Russian mob. While he's hoping to run a legit business, old habits die hard! The Ivanovs have a beautiful home in Larrington Heights. Dimitri is currently building a pool hall on Crystal Bay Island. Where's the money coming from you ask? Hmmmmmm.....

*I haven't had time to work out which seasons the babies will be born, so I'll have that soon. I love the reflection in game. I didn't even know you could see them anywhere other than the mirrors. I could only turn reflections on when I wanted to take a pic of a sim looking at themselves in the mirror! Then it had to be turned off. I also love all of the shadows I can see now! I usually only make american based sims and wanted to step back from that and create some that were a little different. I'm looking forward to playing this next round. It's really just a big work in progress isn't it? I find little things that I change about my style everyday. I guess I'll change it until I get it to a place that I like!


  1. Looking forward to reading about your new families.

    Doesn't the game look great once you've got a computer and graphics card that's up to the job?

  2. Can't wait to see the new families and get to know them!

    Isn't the graphics great! I feel in love all over again when I got my new pc.

  3. The neighborhood looks great. I love catching glimpses of other player's hoods.

  4. Is your university a base hood uni If so What type of building do you have in it? I'm creating a base hood uni hopefully i'll be able to put up pics of it soon :)

  5. It was a separate uni but I no longer have this hood anymore. It crashed on me :(. I have a new hood and a new blog located here:

    In my new hood I do have a base hood uni and I use this building for the classrooms:

    I redecorated it quite a bit. You can see some pics of my version at the new blog.

  6. I will for sure check out the new blog and i would have loved that building but i don't have glamour life that's the only one i don't have