Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Winter Ball 2024

Round 3 - Winter 2024
Tina Leary is 31, Cassie Carmichael, Carla Harris, Angelo DeLorne, Halinka Ivanov, and Payton Sneiff are 18, Kuo Makasi is 17, Donte Conaway is 15, TJ Carmichael and Arlena Taylor are 12, and Jocelyn Arnold and Brittney Parker are 8.

Kuo has been working on his vocal skills. He actually hates music, performing it anyway, but he knows he has to do it to graduate so he sucks it up. He had no plans on going to college, but since Halinka is going, he has every intention of following her as soon as he graduates. The Winter Ball is coming up and it's what on all these hormonal teenage minds!
Donte decides he would rather play his handheld than to play a musical instrument. TJ seems completely unaware that young Arlena has a small crush on him. TJ is pretty much unaware of anything that doesn't relate to school, learning, music, or college.
Jocelyn and Brittney aren't worried about the ball because they're too young to attend. "Who cares about a stupid dance? They're all like blockheads around here.......it's just a dance.....do you think we'll act like that when we get older?" Jocelyn asks. "No way," was Brittney's response.
TJ is trying to expand his horizons where his music is concerned. His first love is still classical music and he really loves playing his violin, but its kinda cool to rock out too.....and he's not really interested in girls right now.....but chicks totally dig it!
Angelo is so excited about the upcoming ball. Carla has been pretty down lately. Word has gotten around Crystal Bay about Carla's mom and Halinka's dad having an affair. Halinka has been pretty good natured about it, but the tension can be felt. Angelo can't wait until they start at Crystal Bay University and leave all this drama behind. It's tough reassuring Carla that everything will be alright when her mother seems to have no conscience at all!
Payton asked Cassie if she would like to attend the ball with him. Her answer was to give him a noogie! The nerve of him! She can't believe he is even talking to her after what happened. It's too bad that Payton is also going to Crystal Bay University........she still won't be rid of him!
Arlena decided to let TJ know she was interested in him by tickling him......this did not go over well at all.....the boy is absolutely clueless about how cute he is! Arlena is going to have to try another approach to win over this one!
Halinka is counting down the days until she's free. The whole town knows about her cheat of a dad. She feels pretty bad for her mom.......hopefully she'll leave him soon. There's no reason for them to stay together once she's gone to college. But she knows her mom won't leave him. She never does.....Halinka is considering majoring in psychology.....maybe she can figure out what's wrong with her screwed up family........
Donte figured it was time to step up to the plate where Cassie is concerned. He knows that this is her last year at CBA and wants her to know he likes her before she runs off to college. Yea, there's a 3 year difference there......but who cares?
Cassie has a pretty good idea that Donte has a crush on her. She thinks he's really cute and wishes he were older. It would be insane to start up something with him when she was about to head off to college........there is going to be lots of college MEN there........who knew who she would end up with by the time Donte started college.....but he was really cute......
The night of the winter ball rolled around and all the kids ages 12 and up piled into the gym. There wasn't much decorating done, but there was music. Soon they were all heavily involved in the smustle.........
TJ finally opened up his eyes and realized that Arlena had a thing for him. His main focus is still on school and music, but he thinks he can never have too many friends. Arlena plans on changing his point of view on that.....all she needs is a little time......
Angelo and Carla are all hugged up kissing each other's lips off......this is no surprise to anyone and the reality of it is that the students of Crystal Bay Academy are tired of their constant public displays of affection......they will not be missed at next year's ball!
Donte looks on as Carla and Angelo dance and decide it's time to make his move on Cassie. The worst she can do is turn him down in front of almost every other student at the school. That's not so bad is it?
"Ok, so you think I'm too young, I get that. And maybe you're right. Maybe you'll go off to college and forget all about me. Maybe you'll meet some guy the day you move in......all I know is that tonight, none of that matters. Tonight, it's just me and you and this moment. So would you care to dance Cassie Carmichael?"
Who in the world could turn down an offer like that? Cassie and Donte spent most of the night just like this........even when the music went from a slow to fast song.......Cassie may just change her mind about Mr. Donte Conaway...........
Kuo is going to really miss Halinka. He'll be starting CBU soon after her, but it will be a lonely year without her. He's been the one thing that's kept her sane throughout this whole drama with her dad and Carla's mom........it was going to suck when she left........no doubt about it............
And so the young love birds danced on into the night......or rather danced until 11:00 pm.......the dance couldn't last all night! Although some of them may have been happy if it had......
Carla doesn't know what she would do without Angelo.......he really is a wonderful guy.....and to think, she almost didn't give him the time of day.......she just hopes he still feels the same way about her once they go off to college.......they'll be alot of girls there who don't have so much drama in their lives...........
Donte ended the night with one last stroke of Cassie's cheek and one last plea for her heart......he could only hope that she would understand just how serious he was about her.......well, at least as serious as any 15 year old boy could be about anyone!!!!

*I decided to do a Winter Ball instead of a prom, that way more than just the juniors and seniors could attend.
*Cassie gave Payton about 6 noogies during my time playing the school. Donte may be a little out of luck though. Despite her constant nooging, Cassie still wants to be friends with Payton and who knows where that will lead. They will both be at CBU together so we'll see what happens.
*There hasn't been as wide spread a rumor going around about Carla's mom and Halinka's dad as I may as lead you to believe......oh people are talking, but it hasn't spread too far.......yet.........it hasn't gotten back to poor Anya yet but I'm sure she suspects something is going on......I can't wait to play their house!
*You may be wondering why Michael Leary wasn't in this update......well, apparently if he doesn't go to the school when Tina does, then he can't teleport in when school starts like the other students......who knew?!
*First post for Crystal Bay University will be in Fall of 2025!!!


  1. I have a no autonomous noogies hack in my game (I think it's a Squinge one) because the noogies were driving me nuts. I used to have a problem with adults giving them too, so I had had my fill!

    I love the aerial shot of the gym, with the lights and Kuo and Halinka dancing.

    Looking forward to seeing CBU!

  2. I haven't played the school much, but I haven't really had a noogie problem up until this time!