Friday, September 25, 2009

Daddy's Happiness

Round 3 - Fall 2024
Milton is 37, Jocelyn is 8, Kylie Conaway is 34, Donte Conaway is 15
Narrated by Jocelyn Arnold

I love to paint! Daddy bought me my first art easel when mommy left us and I've been painting every since! It's really fun and I'm getting pretty good at it.....I want to study art when I go to college and maybe even open up an art gallery one day! Daddy's been seeing this new woman named Kylie and I like her! She's not like the other women my daddy was seeing. I know he thinks I get upset because he's not with mommy anymore, but I'm not a baby! I understand and I just want my dad to be happy again..........
Kylie has been sleeping over now and it's so much fun! She has all these funny stories about her son Donte and about her job and she listens to me when I talk about school and all my friends. She's the nicest woman my dad ever brought home! I hope she sticks around......
I've been doing better and better in school and brought home my first A+! Dad was so proud! I couldn't believe it! I really like going to school and learning. I know some kids don't, but I don't understand why not..........there's so many things that I don't know out there! I want to learn them all!
Kylie brought her son Donte over with her to meet us. I overheard him and daddy talking outside about daddy going to marry Kylie? Oh, I hope so! It would be so much fun having a mom! My mom wasn't very nice and she didn't like to play like Kylie does.........I hope he marries her!
Donte is alot of fun just like his mom! I hope he can be my brother one day. He doesn't pick on me just because I'm smaller than him. He's not really that into art like I am, but he said he can see why I like painting. He doesn't really have any hobbies and I told him he should get one! What does he do when he's not studying?!
We all sat down and ate together and I got to stay up late! We all get along really well and I hope we become a family one day. How cool would that be? I'd have a mom AND a big brother! I use to ask dad about having another baby but he always looked so scared when I said it! So I guess I'll never get a baby brother or sister..........
Kylie even reads me a bedtime story sometimes at night. Her and Donte didn't stay over that night because we didn't have anywhere for Donte to sleep. Our house is pretty small and is just enough for me and dad. But we could always just buy another house.............
Dad goes outside and plays kicky bag with Donte while they talk. Donte wanted to make sure that my dad was really serious about his mom. I guess Donte's dad wasn't a very nice person because everytime Donte talks about him he frowns. But my dad would never be mean to his mom. Dad promised Donte that he really cares about Kylie and only wants her to be happy......isn't he the greatest?
They're always kissing and holding hands and making goo goo eyes at each other! I finally pulled dad aside one day and told him that he was wasting time with Kylie. We could all be one big happy family if he would just marry her! He told me that he wasn't really ready to get married again, but he and Kylie had talked about maybe doing another kind of arrangement..........
They got a house together! Me, dad, Kylie, and Donte are all going to be living in the same house! I'm so excited! I kinda wish they were getting married so she would be my real mom, but I'm happy that we're all going to be staying together. I even get a bigger room and a better art easel too!!!
Kylie spends alot of time studying up on stuff. I didn't know that because she's all fun when she use to come to our house. She really takes her job seriously and she has made alot of money doing it. Dad had to get a small loan to help get furniture for the house, but his and Kylie's savings were enough to buy it! Kylie is really smart! She has to be..........
See, Kylie is a surgeon! She saves lives! That's a really big job and that's why she has to study all the time to make sure she knows what she's doing so people don't die. I think it's so cool that people have to call her Dr. Conaway!!! How amazing is that? Maybe I should go to med school instead..........
Donte got a pretty cool room too. He has a tv and a gaming station in it. I would rather have my easel than a game! Donte is really nice and he helps me with stuff. It's like we've always lived together........I really thought my dad was never going to meet a nice woman. But I think he got it right this time....... My dad has been getting lots of promotions with the police department. He's going to be chief one day! He and Kylie like to sit down and talk about their day since they get off at about the same time. Kylie's been working really hard lately so she can get promoted too..........
Donte has a crush on Cassie Carmichael! She's like two years older than him! Cassie's really nice. I hang out with her brother TJ alot. He's my best friend........but now he's in junior high school so I don't know it he'll even want to play with my any more.......daddy says that he will but I don't know.......daddy thinks everyone always likes me!
Donte has been helping me out with my homework since my dad is studying up for his next promotion. He's a dectective now, but he doesn't want to stop there. See how nice Donte is? He takes time out to help me when he has his own homework to do!
Sometimes dad and Kylie study together. I really hhope they get married one day. I want Kylie to be my mommy. I want her name to be like mine.......but I guess all that really matters is daddy's happiness.........and I think he finally found some........

*Jocelyn is too cute! I can't wait to see what she's going to look like as a teen.......Milton got the ROS move someone in (lover, friend, family). Of course, Kylie was the perfect choice. She's the only sim he has more than one bolt with! I really want these two to get married and maybe have a kid together. The Arnold name is a dying one! But neither of them have wants to get married so I guess I'll just have to wait and see........ Just an FYI: Kylie moved in with like 20000 simoleons! But she is a surgeon so I guess she would have that kind of cash! I'm with Jocelyn, Milton picked a good one this time!


  1. Whoa, Milton is fortunate in more ways that one with Kyle! A great person AND she's loaded! Were the Arnolds doing okay money-wise?

    Awesome that you rolled the ROS for this family - sounds like Jocelyn has been wanting this for a while. I love the voice you use for her, by the way. She's so precocious!

  2. What a cute family. I hope they get married as well, Jocelyn is not alone in that department.

    Donte having a crush on Cassie is good. I was thinking while I was reading that they would make a great couple. But does she like him? Guess we'll have to wait and find out.

  3. Aw, Jocelyn is so cute. It's great that Milton got that ROS and was able to move forward with Kylie! Maybe they'll roll the want to get married soon. Sometimes two of my Sims who don't usually roll the marriage want on their own will roll it if they're on a date together, so you could try that and see if it comes up during the date. ;)