Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A New Lady

Round 2 - Summer 2023
Milton is 35 and Jocelyn is 6

Narrated by Milton Arnold

Life is definitely funny sometimes. I guess it's true that you have to be careful what you wish for! The mystery woman that I met on Crystal Bay Island finally gave me something other than "Eve" for a name. Her name is Jill Smith and although she's older, she's not much better than Aundrea was!Jocelyn is doing amazing things with her art and I couldn't be more proud of her. You wouldn't even know they were painted by a 6 year old! She really is an amazing little girl.......she gets it from me!
She was doing so well that I decided that we should have a special meal out, just me and my girl. I was working alot and so she was having to stay at home with the nanny since school was out for summer. It would be nice if she had some female influence around. I mean, I do my best but I AM a guy!
I took her to Macaroni's Fine Dining restaurant. She wanted to dance to the classical music they had playing while we waited to be seated. Not exactly what you should do in an upscale restaurant, but I find it hard to say no to her! Ann Marie Carmichael comes in and just smiles at us as she walks by.
She had been begging to go see the latest Simney movie that came out and I promised her that I would take her to see it before the summer was over. I don't know what I did to get such an awesome daughter, but I'm glad it happened. Joy doesn't know what she's missing out on by not being around. It's such a shame.......
Joci went over to the Carmichaels house to play with TJ and I decided to call Ms. Jill Smith over to my house. I don't know, it was just something about her. Something in her eyes......it wasn't really something good.......but not really bad either......she had so much passion and fire in her eyes......
She came over and automatically came straight into my arms.....I knew it was probably a bad sign that we were moving so fast and we hadn't known each other that long. I mean that's what happened with Aundrea too.......but I'm a hard headed man and I have to learn the hard way sometimes!
And so the obvious happened. But I felt something.....then again, I always do........something in my wiring just won't let me have casual woohoo.......my heart always seems to get involved.....but Jill wasn't looking for anything permanent. In fact, she was completely turned off by Jocelyn......and of course that will present a problem. We both dozed off and when I woke up she was gone. I have heard from her since then......not that I'm surprised........

About a month went by with no word from her and Nickoli was tired of seeing me mope around. He was so happy with his girlfriend Amanda, who I introduced him to, that he felt he should return the favor. Enter Ms. Kylie Conaway. Kylie is a beautiful woman with a wonderful sense of humor. She has a teenage son of her own so I know she likes kids. She seemed to be just wonderful, but doesn't everyone in the beginning of things?
We spent a few nights getting to know each other and things were going well. Jocelyn was spending the week with one of her friends so she hadn't been around and Kylie told me she wanted to meet her. Well that was a first! I just knew I was on the road to something good!
So the next week, Kylie comes over so she can get to know Jocelyn. Joci meets her at the door with a big smile and invites her in. She's a pretty good judge of character so I knew if Joci gave her a seal of approval, then she was ok.
Jocelyn gets excited when she talks about school and can go on and on about it, but Kylie sat and listened very attentively to her. Well that was enough! They talked for over an hour about everything under the sun; school, Kylie's son Donte, and Joci's love of art. It was time for her to go to bed and she whined about how she wanted to stay up and talk to Kylie.
I went in to read her a bedtime story and I looked up to see that Kylie had walked in to listen too. It was obvious that she was great with kids and I looked forward to meeting her son. It amazes me how sometimes life changes so abruptly from day to day. I would never have thought I would meet a woman like Kylie.
After I finished the story, we went out into the living room and I was taken aback with just how beautiful she really is. And that seems to be inside and out. I know it seems like I'm moving fast, but I'm not getting any younger. It can get pretty lonely sometimes. Even Jocelyn asks why I don't find a nice woman. I think she just wants a mom around though......
It was getting pretty late and I knew that Kylie would need to hit the road soon. But I wasn't ready for her to leave. I considered asking her to stay, but I was afraid she would say no. I mean we hadn't known each other that long and it would be moving a little too fast. But her son was away at a camp and she was home alone so........
I actually should have gone with my first conclusion. I got up the courage and asked her to stay and she let me know that she wasn't "that kind" of woman. I explained that I wasn't expecting her to do anything, for Simgod's sake, Jocelyn was in the house! I just didn't want our time to end and wanted her to stay. I even offered to give her the bed and I would sleep on the couch.
She took my hand and we laid down on my walk way and looked up at the stars. She explained that she had moved to fast with Donte's father before finding out what kind of man he was and he ended up getting locked up for drugs. She had no idea that he was involved in it because he actually held a regular job. She basically had to raise Donte on her own, similar to what I'm doing with Jocelyn. I pulled her close and let her know that I knew exactly how that felt and that I wasn't trying to rush her into anything. I just liked having her around. Even Joci liked her. She agreed to stay and even let me sleep in the bed as long as I promised not to try anything. She wants to take things slow.
It was the most peaceful night I've had in a very long time. Slow. There's a novel idea........now why didn't I think of that? I've been trying to rush into something, trying to jump right into a relationship......but there's something to be said for taking things slow..........

*I don't like these in game camera pics.....UGH! So I'm going to have to give gadwin another chance. I didn't think the difference would be so noticeable, but it is to me! I had every intention of letting Milton pursue something with Jill Smith, but then he met Kylie and things took off on their own accord. She is the ONLY woman he has come into contact with who he has had 2 bolts! I couldn't pass that up! He's so picky and doesn't like anyone but he likes her! Kylie is a townie I created and I did create a teen named Donte who is her son. Since I have seen, as with Carla and Candi, that they keep their relationships, I decided to include Donte in the story as well.


  1. Taking things slow is a good idea, Milton. Just let things progress naturally and see where it goes. :) I hope things work out with him and Kylie!

  2. It is a REALLY good idea for him to take this slowly....I hope so too, I really like Kylie!

  3. Kylie seems nice - I hope it works out between them. It doesn't seem like things would have worked out between him and Jill anyway, what with her being so turned off by Joci. Joci is so important to Milton, so that was bound to cause problems.

    I think I'm the only Sim blogger who can't tell the difference between in-game shots and Gadwin/Print Screen style shots. Your pics looked just as good as always to me. I'm going to have to do a side-by-side comparison and really look one day, because I normally have pretty good eyesight!