Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life's Surprising/Spring 2022 Birthdays

Round 2 - Spring 2023 (Spring 2023 Birthdays)
Fabio and Gabriella are 30, Angelo is 16
Narrated by Fabio DeLorne

Life is funny sometimes. I can't believe how fast it quickly things go from one shade to another......I suppose I'm being a selfish bastard.......but it's how I felt at the time.......lots of things have changed in the past few months. Among those things, the biggest is that Gabriella is pregnant. PREGNANT!
She didn't want me to know at first. Things between us had gotten so much better since I had my talk with Tyson. I was helping her save money, we were spending more time together, things were great. Then she got sick. I thought it was a simple flu. Just a virus she caught, you know, one of the hazards of working around sick people. But it wasn't. She eventually told me what she had known for months. That she was pregnant. Angelo was almost college bound and we're going to start completely over? 30 isn't old, but I just had no plans of having any other kids. It never crossed my mind.
It was childish. I can admit that now. I avoided her. I avoided the situation. In my defense, the yardwork really did need to be done. We were planning to hire a gardener. But that went out the window. With another mouth to feed, lots of things went out the window. We were trying to save up for Angelo's college tuition. Now he would have to work extra hard to get as many scholarships as he could. We would be able to help him out, but there was no way we could afford to pay the whole thing now.
I worked more than usual. In my defense, we needed the money. I don't know how much of an upgrade it is from clown to knight, but that was my next promotion. It wasn't any less embarrassing for poor Angelo, but the money was better. Money was going to be a little tight. Gabriella was on maternity leave so it all fell on me.
Angelo was too preoccupied to really have much of an opinion about getting a new brother or sister. He and Carla were pretty hot and heavy by this time. They hadn't made anything official yet, but we would often catch them kissing out on the porch. She seemed like a nice enough girl. I don't know what he saw in her piercings, it was a little too much for me, but Angelo was completely smitten with her.
Then one day she freaked out. They had a pretty bad argument and Angelo was crushed. When I asked him what happened, he said he didn't even know. She was upset about something but wouldn't tell him what it was. He's a sensitive boy, so he automatically blamed himself. He stressed out about it so much, his face broke out in pimples, which just made him even more depressed. I focused my energy on him, still avoiding Gabriella and the baby situation......
He threw himself into his music, writing all these sad songs of lost love. It was terrible! I had no idea what upset Carla so much. That is, until I went down to this new club on Crystal Bay Island on my day off. It was called D's Place. It's kinda of a pool hall/gentlemen's club. And who do I see swinging from a pole, barely dressed? Candi Harris, Carla's mother. Candi has a bit of a reputation around Crystal Bay. She sucked men dry of all their money. But it seems she finally decided to get out into the workforce. Just not with the kind of job that would make her 16 year old daughter proud. I explained this to Angelo who immediately called Carla.
He invited her over and told her that he knew what was going on. He hugged her and told her that it didn't matter what her mother did, it would never change who Carla was. Then he called me and Gabby dorks and said that we too were weird and confusing and it was just apart of growing up with spazzes for parents. A spaz? Was that what I was being?
It made her feel better and from then on, she was at our house more and more. Carla is now his "official" girlfriend. She's like a daughter to us. Candi spends most of her nights at the club so no one is really there for Carla. So we're like her family now. Poor kid, I know she can't wait to go off to college. Who could blame her?
Around Gabby's 3rd trimester, I finally woke up from my daze like slumber and realized what an ass I was being to her. To make it up to her, I took my bonus from work and together we decorated the baby's nursery. She had found out we were having a girl a few months before that. Her and Janet Peterson were close and Janet had also given birth to a girl so maybe our daughter would have an automatic bestfriend..........I was actually excited about the idea of having a litle girl.
Gabby was happy that I finally came around, but I think she still resents my earlier detachment. I am still trying to make up for it all. Her water broke one day when we were all at home and it brought me back to when Angelo was born. The screaming and hollering and my panic were all the same!
The next thing I knew, I was looking at little Gina DeLorne. She was beautiful. Angelo got Gabby's hair and my eyes, but little Gina has my hair and eyes. She's the most beautiful little girl in all the daughter, who woulda thought!
We're all pretty preoccupied with her. She's so amazing. Someone is always looking at her or holding her and playing with her. She's going to be the most spoiled baby in all the world. I would't want it any differently!
Angelo loves his baby sister. He doesn't mind feeding her and changing her diapers. I heard him whispering to her, "Yea, they're spazzes. Total spazzes. But you're pretty cool. It's tough being in this family kid, but I think you'll be okay."
I can admit now that I was a fool. I just want so badly to prove to my father that I can be just as big of a success without him. But money isn't everything. Everytime I look into her big brown eyes, I know that there are more important things. I will be sure to never forget that again........
I have a daughter! I want to shout it to all the world. A daughter! Little Gina. I'm going to be the best dad I can be........and a better husband......I just hope no boys come sniffing around! I know it's early, but she's beautiful......even a baby boy could see that!
Welcome to the neighborhood Gina DeLorne!
*Ok, so Gadwin got me again......which is why I had to make this one big post instead of two. I didn't have this problem on my old laptop.....I don't know what the issue is, but I'm switching back to the in game camera for a while. I can't take anymore black screens! Carla really is Candi's daughter. When I created them in CAS, Carla had to be tied to an adult. Apparently changing them to townies doesn't break their family ties. So if Angelo ends up marrying Carla, then in her family tree will be Candi! I didn't know they would still be related but I thought it was cool so I included it. Angelo and Carla are now official! They are just too cute together! Carla is too cool to stay a townie so she will be among the first sims to attend CBU! Even if her and Angelo don't make it, she's destined to become a playable. Also, just as a side note, I don't require scholarships for my sims. They can still attend college even if they get NO scholarships if their GPA is good enough. It just means the parents will have to foot the whole bill. Most people in college dO't go on any type of scholarship so I don't want to place that stipulation on them.......and as a final note, GADWIN SUCKS!


  1. Yay, welcome baby Gina!

    That's awesome than Candi is Carla's mum. It's good to have some townies with a back story!

  2. Sorry to hear about your problems with Gadwin again!

    Aw, welcome to the new baby! I thought it was really cool to find out that Candi was Carla's mother. Like Sullivan Sims said, it's nice to have a backstory with some of the townies. :)

  3. Welcome to the hood little one! Godwin pisses me off too! You are not alone.