Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall 2024 Birthdays

We have two cute kids turning into moody know it all teens this round!

No your eyes are not deceiving you, that is little Michael Leary, 12 years old. He still loves being outdoors and helping his dad on the farm. He loves spending time with family and is, not surprisingly, a family sim.

How did he spend his birthday? Cleaning up the house of their retriever, Retro.........tough break there Mike!

And here is little TJ Carmichael, also 12 years old......although he isn't so little any more! He decided to ditch the glasses for contacts but he is just as much in love with learning as he was before! He's a knowlege sim, so his concentration now is to earn lots of scholarhips for college......

He spent his birthday working on an orchestra compostion he is creating......he has such a passion for music and if left alone he's going to go to the nearest musical instrument!

*I think the boys turned out pretty darn cute! Michael looks alot like his dad and TJ looks alot like his mom. Surprisingly, these two don't get along very well and already have a negative relationship.......why? I have no idea! They just don't seem to get along.......should be interesting since now they'll be in the same class!!!


  1. They're both cute but especially TJ! Knowledge Sim or not, I think the girls might be lining up for him!

    Or maybe I just love that hairstyle. I've never put that hair on a Sim who didn't suit it right off the bat. My favourite Maxis hair.

  2. They turned out very handsome. I know a few girls who would swoon over TJ. First girl that comes to mind would be Sarah Corbin. She is looking for a cute guy to hand on her arm. LOL