Monday, September 7, 2009

New Babies : Winter 2022

Janet Peterson is 26 and Sinjin Couderc is 31

Sinjin decided to accept his fate as the father of Janet's baby. He agreed to move in with her so that he could be there to help out with the baby once it came. He and Janet have a bit of an agreement. They will still woohoo with each other (safely of course) but are also free to see other people. They have no connection other than being parents to their child.
Janet has become really good friends with Candi Harris. Candi comes over to see how that baby is doing on a regular basis. That, and to brag about her new job at D's Place on Crystal Bay Island. Janet is all about sexual freedom, but she doesn't think she could dance around for strange men. Or become involved with the club's married owner. Oh she's seen Dimitri Ivanov and she knows he's a hunk. But she still couldn't do it. Besides, she recently got accepted to get a loan to open her hair salon, Styles by JP. She plans to keep her music store job. Babies require alot of money!
Janet isn't the only reason Candi comes by. She has a bit of a crush on Sinjin. She would feel bad about it if Janet hadn't told her time and time again that her and Sinjin were only living together for the benefit of the baby. So Candi figures he's fair game.......
Janet gets up one morning feeling like she's about to explode. It's time for the baby! She yells and screams for Sinjin who is still in the bed asleep. He comes just in time and soon they have......
Ms. Taylor Peterson. Janet decided that she should have her last name since she gave birth to her! Sinjin can't doubt Taylor's paternity, she has his eyes and nose! She's really a beautiful baby.......
BABY SPAM...................
MORE BABY SPAM.....................
Sinjin can't believe how much he likes being a dad. Of course he wouldn't want another one, but little Taylor is his world. Everytime he looks at her, he can't believe he had a hand in creating her.......amazing.........
Janet opened Styles by JP shortly after Taylor's birth. And who happened to be her first customer? Her old flame Nickoli Frader! He can't believe Janet started her own business......he didn't think she had that much gumption.
She hired Anya Ivanov to work as her saleswoman. She's doing a great job so far. Hopefully it will be lucrative so that she can give baby Taylor all that she needs. Welcome to the neighborhood Taylor Peterson!

*Sorry I don't have pics of Janet in labor.....Gadwin strikes again! I hate getting those blank screens! Anyway, if I were considering giving Taylor up for adoption, I would reconsider now. Janet and Sinjin are very attentive parents! I only played them for two days (woulda been one but I had to try to get some pics the replace the blank ones!) and they were constantly doing things for Taylor autonomously! They don't hold any wants for her, but they do it on their's actually kinda sweet, in a Janet and Sinjin kind of way!


  1. Wow, who would have thought Janet and Sinjin would step up and be so responsible! Good on them!

  2. Welcome to the hood little one! Can't wait to see her as a toddler.

  3. Aw, what a cutie! Amazing that Janet and Sinjin are actually turning into good parents!

  4. Oh I love how characters are crossing over in the past few entries. It's nice to see that Anya did get a job outside of the house. And it's funny to see Candi. Boy, she knows how to pick them, doesn't she?