Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mini-Update - Leary

Rotation 1 - March 2022
Sam and Tina are 28, Michael is 9

Not much going on right now for the Learys. Michael has really warmed up to Retro and is constantly outside playing with him! You'll notice that Michael has on shorts and the post is from March. It's because I'm a lazy sim master and found it annoying to have someone go use the weather machine at the beginning of each play session. I now have the seasons adjuster from Paladin and it's great! It doesn't require the sims to do anything it just automatically changes it to the right season!Michael plays with Retro, but his up keep has been left up to Sam, who is still working so hard in his garden that he still hasn't impregnated his desperate wife! Retro is slowly learning that chewing the furniture is a bad thing. So is jumping up on Sam's side of the bed and falling asleep when Sam is dead tired from tending his garden all day!
Michael is proving to be a very messy little boy! He doesn't really help with Retro at all and Tina is constantly autonomously going to pick his toys up in his room! The only thing they can always count on from Michael is his help with the gardening! He's a nature sim, so he loves to do that. At the moment I can't really his traits, but I'm almost positive that he is a sloppy sim!
Sam's hard work is paying off and he will soon be opening up his fresh food market! Actually, I think his first update in the new rotation is the grand opening of his store. Alot of back breakingly hard work went into it and I really hope that he's going to be a roaring success.....that and that he knocks Tina up soon!!!

*Again, this is what happens when you get behind on posting! My goal is to be finished with this rotation tomorrow so that I can catch you guys up with where I am now......A LOT of things have been going on in Crystal Bay, lots of surprises coming least they were surprises to me!


  1. I'm excited to hear about all the surprises. I'd love to take a look at Sam's market too. I have one in Sullivan and am always interested to see how others are running theirs.

  2. I didn't know there was a such thing as a Seasons adjuster! I love Sim Wardrobe.

    Poor family. Seems appropriate. I loved my farmer sims, but life is tough man!

  3. Sullivan - I will make sure to have some good pics of it up for ya!

    Lunar - Sim Wardrobe is the greatest! And it makes it so much easier. It annoyed me to have to go get someone in at least gold to fiddle with that weather machine!