Monday, September 7, 2009

Not Really a Bad Guy

Round 2 - Winter 2022
Dimitri and Anya are 33, Halinka is 16
Narrated by Dimitri Ivanov

I'm not really a bad guy. Just a man from a bad situation. And I took that bad situation and turned it into a pretty damn good life. I have a beautiful, wonderful wife and a very talented daughter. I'm still involved with some shady dealings, but I also run a legit club that should turn to be very profitable.
Halinka has loved to dance every since she was able to walk. So her mother channeled her love of dance into a talent for ballet. She is by far the best that I've seen, and I've been to some really nice ballets. I have no doubt that she will receive scholarships for school because of it. She's a bit headstrong, but that's that Russian blood in her. Hell, she probably gets it from me!
We've only been here a few months, and already her phone is ringing off the hook. That's her allure. No matter where we've ever lived, and we've lived in a lot of different place, Halinka can always make friends. Girls want to be her friend because of her wit and style, and guys want to be friends with her because of her beauty. The latter actually pisses me off a bit. Boys are always sniffing around. I still have connections and have no problems ridding myself of a "problem." Halinka knows how I am, and she knows that I will do it, so she does her best to keep the boys under control. For their sake.
Even the mayor's daughter likes Halinka. I don't know if that's good or not. He wasn't really a fan of me opening D's Place. And like I said, I'm not completely going legit. But maybe it's best to keep your friends close and your enemies closer!
We don't really restrict Halinka. She's a smart girl and she knows the score. She's free to go out and hang out with her friends as long as her grades don't drop. Crystal Bay is relatively safe right now. No one knows that we're here. It's the first time in a long time that we haven't been looking over our shoulders. I'm going to try to do things better this time around......
My wife Anya is the best wife a man can could ask for. She's looking for a small job to occupy her time right now. I think she likes staying home and taking care of things. Anya and I met and automatically fell for one another. It's never really been about the physical. I mean Anya is a very beautiful woman, but we've never had a crazy passionate love life. It's more than that with her. Anya has stuck by me through so many things. She's the most loyal woman I know. I'm not always as faithful to her as I should be, but a man has needs. She's happy with me in bed so I know she's not going to step out on me. And I would NEVER leave her for any of these females I connect with. I think she's always known about my indiscretions, but like I said, she's loyal.
She doesn't look like any 34 year old woman you've ever seen. She is aging so gracefully! People find it hard to believe that Halinka is her daughter sometimes. We were 17 when she got pregnant with her. I was just a petty thug who thought I was a real bad ass. Anya's father forbade her to marry me when I asked. But she was in love and disobeyed him and ran off with me. I've always tried to make sure she's never regretted that. She's always had all the things she has ever needed. No matter how I had to get it. Me and her both are fitness nuts and work out all the time. It keeps us young!
I love my wife. I'll always love her, no matter how it may seem to other people. No other woman will ever take her place in my heart. We've been through too much together. She's put up with so much crap, I think it's time that she really enjoyed her life.
I try to take her out a few times a week. She loves to cook, but she deserves a break sometimes too. Plus, I spend so much time at the club sometimes that it's pretty late when I get home. So we go out before I head off there. D's place is on Crystal Bay Island and is a pool hall of sorts.
She hates when I handle club business at home. I think she suspects why I'm spending so much time there. Maybe I should take both her and Halinka away. Or maybe just me and her. It could be like the honeymoon we never had.......
D's Place is a place where you can play pool. But it's also a place where you can receive personal dances and see dancers while you're playing. It's not really a strip joint. The girls don't take their clothes off. They just dance in their assigned uniforms. Kea Johnson is our private dancer. She charges 80 simoleans per private dance, plus whatever the receiver wants to tip her.
She's very good at what she does. To see her on the streets, you would never imagine that she likes to dance wildly for strange men. She has that whole librarian look going on. I guess the club is where she just lets it all loose. Where she can be herself. The men love her! And some of the women too!
Our pole dancer is Candi Harris. She is one of the sexiest women I have seen. She's a pro on the pole and brings in lots of money for the club. I also have a bar and there's an entrance fee just to come into the club. Candi is great on the pole......but she is even better off of it.......
She stays after hours sometimes for a little "overtime." Women have always been drawn to me. I don't really have to do much and they're ready for a quick roll in the hay. It's never a problem until they begin to believe that one day I'll leave my wife. That's when I have to send them packing. I think Candi is going to become one of those women. At her core, she's just a simple gold digger. She thinks that she's going to convince me that being with her is worth losing my family.......
She'll find out how wrong she is. But until then, I'll just enjoy what she's so graciously offering, until I have to shoot down her dreams of living the good life off of my money. This is why I would never leave Anya. These women now aren't made of anything. No loyalty........
It's hard sometimes to come back to Anya knowing what I did. So I'll do a few yoga stretches outside to clear my aura. I'm sure it's dark and black after a night with Candi. I love my wife, never let that be confused. But what can I say, I love a little variety as well.
Some of my old partners use to complain that I spoke of Anya's loyalty but that I was being unloyal to her. I disagree. I'm very loyal to her. I'll never leave her. And I always keep the other women outside of our home. They ask me what I would do if she were out doing the same. Simple. I would kill the bastard who thought he was good enough to have his filthy hands on her. So you see, I'm not really a bad guy. Just a little misunderstood.

*Dimitri is actually a fortune sim. I was shocked when I saw him all wrapped up with Candi. He and Anya only have one bolt, even though I matched their turn ons perfectly when I created them. He has two bolts with Candi. The animations for the private dance chair and the pole are hilarious! I got them from sexysims and they are just too funny to watch. They tried to make their regular dancing more sexy and it just looks ridiculous. But the patrons enjoyed it so I guess that's all that matters!


  1. I've seen the private dance chair in action and it is pretty funny! I've not yet seen the pole dancing though.

    I love that Candi is the pole dancer. I was wondering if we'd ever see her again. Is she one of your Sims who you've made into a townie or...?

  2. Yes I made Candi in CAS and then turned her into a townie.....she's the most fun romance sim I've ever had, and I don't really like romance sims all that much!

  3. Hmm, I'm going to have to download that dance chair and pole so I can see the animations, LOL!

    I like this new family and I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble they cause in Crystal Bay. ;)

  4. I love at the end how he clears everything up. if she cheated on him? He'd kill the bastard who "thought he was good enough to have his filthy hands on her." LOL! Awesome and fitting. He's a very interesting character. I can't wait to see more of him.