Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Random Ramblings

Just wanted to remind everyone about the deadline for SimSational Quarterly since it's fast approaching! It's Oct. 5th in case anyone forgot. I think it was Sullivan who asked me what to send. If you want to do your own business layout it's fine just be sure to follow the guidelines listed here. If you want me to make it then I'll need pics of your business and sim or wedding announcement or whatever, and also a blurb about it. You can include whatever you would like in the blurb about the photo. Let me know if there's any other questions about the specifics!

I'm slowly putting up resident info. If you click on the "Sim Profile" label you can see what I have so far. The founding familes are listed under the "Resident Info" tab. I was going to keep a continuous page with everyone on it instead of individual pages, but I hate trying to get blogger to place pics and text correctly and it just seems easier to give them each their own page and backdate the posts. You'll also notice that each sim has some "random" traits. These are traits that I roll either when they are created or born, and slowly incorporate them into the gameplay. So if someone has "drinking problem" listed as a trait and they haven't been drinking so far, don't worry it's coming! These are traits that they will develop over their lifetime.......I'm pretty sure I got this from Apple Valley. It's a cool way to incorporate the Sims 3 into the Sims 2!

I'm also starting my own little ROS starting next round........I think it's cool to have some unpredictablity in the game!


  1. Yes, it was me who asked about what to send! I leave for work in a couple of hours but when I've written myself a note so that when I get home, I'll remember to do this for you. :D

  2. I still have some stuff coming for the magazine too - I'll probably do one page for you soon, just to make sure I did the format right and everything, and then I'll do a couple more pages before the deadline. I have in mind two business ad pages, and then a public service announcement, lol! :)

    And then for the announcement pics (like graduations or engagements or whatever) how big should the pictures be for that? Do you want them all one uniform size?

    And should we put our announcements together in a page for you, so you can just plop into place? Or do you want to do that yourself so they all look the same?

    Too many questions, lol!

    And then the page size, I know you said 8 x 11 inches, but how big is that in pixels?

  3. It's not too many questions, I'm just glad people are interested! I'm in the process of doing one for Janet's salon and I want to post that one so people can maybe gets some ideas. For the announcements, I'm not sure......if everyone has enough to do their own pages, then pic size won't matter. It's your page to design how you would like. If you only have 2, then the pics would need to be bigger so the page doesn't look really empty. If you have a few more then they would need to be smaller so I don't want to place a size limit on that. I'm going to create a title page to place before each section that will tie it all in together. When I look through magazines, there are all kinds of designs and layouts on pages so I think I can make it all work together!

    Also, I played around in Photoshop and I have the conversion for you: 8x11 inches is 576x792 in pixels.

    If anyone else has questions, please let me know! This first issue will probably be a hot mess because adding content from other users is all new to we'll just work out the kinks together! If any of you have any ideas/suggestions, please feel free to say "hey, you know, maybe it would be better this way...."

  4. Cool, thanks for the pixel conversion! And the title pages for each section is a really good idea :)

  5. OK, I just sent you my submission! It's just pictures and text and isn't put together on a page or anything, because I'm a Photoshop idiot.

    But let me know if you don't get it and I'll send it again.