Monday, September 21, 2009

Winter 2023 Birthdays

Round 2 - Winter 2023

Janet Peterson is 27, Sinjin Couderc is 32, Taylor Peterson is 1

Janet has really been doing well with her hair salon. She still has her slacker career job, but the extra income from the salon helps out alot. And she's gotten really good with the makeovers. She's the talk of Crystal Bay! And this time it's not because of all of her male "friends!"
She decides to throw a party for Taylor's first birthday. She invites over Nickoli Frader and Andrew Langerak, two of her former lovers. Andrew seems to have a problem with Nickoli, and pokes him during the whole party! Chill out Drew, Nick is a married, expecting father now! Maybe you should be poking on the guy that knocked Janet up.........oh wait, you didn't want her anyway right?
Janet also invites over Anya Ivanov. They have become pretty good friends since Janet hired her to work in the salon. Dimitri might want to watch himself.......Janet isn't really the best influence for an unhappy married woman..........
Soon it was time for baby Taylor to grow into a cute toddler (hopefully). Proud poppa Sinjin was there, he's just not pictured here.
She's the spitting imagine of Sinjin! That might change when she get's older, but right now she's definitely daddy's little girl! I don't really see any of Janet in her at all! It was time to change her out of the fugly hair and clothes that Maxis changes them into......really, stripes for a little girl?
Here she is with a new do and a pretty new dress. I couldn't get over how much she looks like Sinjin! It's like he had her instead of Janet!!!
Cliche "Awwwww" moment. Sinjin and Janet really are good parents. So much so that I decided to give them the second aspiration of family.......turned out to be a mistake because immediately Janet rolled the want to have another baby.........let's make sure they aren't going to screw Taylor up before we go creating more potential victims!
She is definitely a little cutie, no doubt about it! Her parents should be proud. For two extremely self involved sims, they created one cute little lady!
*I have no idea why Andrew hates Nickoli so much! Nick didn't even go NEAR Janet so it wasn't that.........guess he just naturally doesn't care much for him!!!!!


  1. Poor Nick...attending a kid's birthday party and getting hassled!

    Taylor turned out to be a real little cutie!

  2. Taylor is so cute!

    Maybe Nickoli has been harassing Andrew behind your back, LOL. Or else Andrew is just jealous of Nickoli! ;)

  3. SHe is a cutie! Sometimes those sims surprise you. WHo you think will be bad parents turn out th be good at it instead. I was quit surprised with Sharla as well. Why does it seem that romance sims make good parents?